7 Types of Architects You Need For Your Project

7 Types of Architects You Need For Your Project

Architects are professionals qualified to design, plan and develop structures. The structures they handle range from buildings, roads, railways, bridges and landscapes. Architecture is a very broad profession that covers a lot of fields. Architects in Warrington have to choose one field to specialize because their field is divided into; residential architecture, commercial architecture, interior architecture, green design, landscape design, urban design and industrial architecture.

Industrial Architects

Industrial architects have a very deep understanding of industrial procedures. This knowledge enables them to design buildings that are modified and fitted with industrial appliances. They are tasked to come up with designs for structures that are safe to the workers and to the environment.

Urban Architects/Designers

These architects in Warrington specialise in the designing and planning of estates, huge towns, cities and streets. Urban architecture is a combination of green design, landscape design, commercial and residential architecture. Their work is a bit challenging as it involves a wider base of clientele. That is, the different categories of people living in the cities and towns. They also have to deal with political, cultural and socio-economic issues.

Landscape Architects

Landscape architects are basically involved with the environment and geographical terrain. They work on public land to design and create estate lawns and paths, gardens, resorts and public parks. They are also involved in the creation of golf courses. These architects in Warrington are required to have proper knowledge of different species of trees, flowers and grass. This information is very useful in determining the plants that are suitable for different soil types, climatic conditions and geographical terrains.

Green design architects

Green architects are tasked with designing creating structures that are environmentally friendly and that counter the effects of climate change. Their designs must be aimed towards reducing the effects of pollution on the eco-system. Green design architects are required to have a clear knowledge of climatic and weather conditions and how the elements of weather interact with the designed structures. These designers also take their time to find out components of materials used in construction and their effects on the environment.

Interior Designers

Their work involves the decoration and designing the styles of the interior space of buildings. The architects in Warrington work in resorts and hotels, residential buildings, offices, hospitals and commercial buildings such as shopping malls. Interior designers have a wide knowledge of colours and their combinations, fabrics and materials as well as furniture décor.

Commercial Architects

Commercial architects deal with non- residential structures and public buildings. They are tasked to ensure that the buildings are easily accessible and that all the safety measures are put in place. Skills in laws that govern construction and cost of construction are very important in this field.

Residential Architects

Residential architects in Warrington specialize in designing private homes, residential blocks and neighbourhoods. They create their designs and work around the needs and specifications of the individual clients. These architects plan around the available space and resources. They are also tasked with drafting budgets and managing the time taken to complete projects.


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