A Guide to Buying Plots of Land for Development

A Guide to Buying Plots of Land for Development  

As an Architects Wigan company that has been helping investors and property owners find plots of land for development for a number of years, we know that it can be a difficult process.

Tracking down, identifying and checking that a plot of land is suitable for your needs is a thorough and rigorous process.

To help you when it comes to buying a plot of land, we have put together this useful blog packed full of tips.

Remember to Keep an Open Mind

When it comes to tracking down a plot of land to fit your needs, keeping an open mind will help you find potential suitors for your needs.

Just because a plot may not have everything you imagined, does not mean it cannot be effective if you choose to compromise.

What you will find is that your ‘dream plot’ probably does not exist. In this case, keeping an open mind will help you find a suitable plot and not be stuck in development limbo for years and years.

Speak to your architects Wigan about why keeping an open mind is so important in property development.

Do Your Research on The Types of Plots Available

When searching for a plot of land, you may need to think outside of the box and a little further afield then you would have expected.

The norm is to buy plots that come packaged with planning permission etc. But if you are willing to search for plots that are not necessarily packaged and ready to go, you may just find yourself a bargain.

Research The Area Where You Intend to Build

Knowing the area where you intend to build is crucial. Before any searching commences, first study the area and get to know the community.

Try focusing on particular suburbs or neighbourhoods and focus your attention on buildings that already exist and the plots they sit on.

Contact a Land Listing Agency

There are agencies within the UK that dedicate themselves to listing plots of land that are currently for sale. Contacting these services will help give you an idea regarding the types of plots that are currently available.

Even if you do not choose to go through this sort of agency, they will be able to put you in contact with sellers of plots in your local area.

Consult an Architects Wigan About Buying Plots

Architects Wigan such as Fairtech Contracting, have an established relationship with many sellers of land and contractors in your local area.

Speaking to an architect can help you in identifying individuals that are selling land in the local area and also help you when it comes to designing and building your property.

Contact Fairtech Contracting Today

Speak to Fairtech contracting Ltd– your architects Wigan for further advice when it comes to identifying and buying plots of land for development in the UK.

As well as offering architectural design work, we also provide extension plans, civil engineering design and site work, everything you need in order to design your dream property.