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About Us

So Why Choose Fairtech?

As architectural designers, our experience runs even deeper than our professional qualifications and the number drawings we’ve submitted. Our experience has been developed in the relationships we’ve formed with our clients, and the partnerships we’ve built with industry professionals and Local Authorities across England and Wales. From these links, we’ve learned how to listen out for what our clients are really looking for and understand how each Local Authority likes to work to give us an advantage in getting it right first time.

FairTech Contracting Ltd

FairTech Contracting Ltd

FairTech Contracting Ltd

FairTech Contracting Ltd

The Fairtech Bonus

Our remote architectural drawing service gives you the opportunity to make life a little easier for yourself, especially during the sometimes complex and lengthy process of building an extension.

You might even find you have more time to pick the perfect floor tiles, and a little room in the budget for that wallpaper you’ve had your eye on.

Our Core Services

We cover every aspect of pre design right up until building commences, some of the services we provide are: site surveys, site supervision, extension blue prints, infrastructure design and a range of other design and engineering based services.


We’re good, but sometimes we’re not mind-reader good. Which is why you get chance to perfect your drawings with our inclusive first round of amendments. Move that door from here to there, and shift that window right a bit, and we’ll get your amended plans back to you in just a few days.


You’ll get up to 2 hectares of ordnance survey mapping included in your quote. This will give the Local Authority more information about your site and the surrounding plot, and you won’t have to pay extra further down the line.


Sometimes a project needs some extra help to get full building control approval. Working with preferred structural engineers, they’ll use our plans for any structural calculations, so you can remove walls safely without an extra site visit.


If your development needs a new access road, a new drainage system, or both, we can help with everything from planning and soakaway tests, to sustainable drainage solutions for new driveways and extensions.

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Now that you are aware of the types and level of service Fairtech Contracting Ltd has to offer you through our three core specialisations, should you need our help improving your home, feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call at 0151 321 1986. One of our expert surveyors will be happy to discuss your project and to provide you with an obligation free quote for your project.

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