The Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Plan Living

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Plan Living

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Open plan living is a hugely popular choice of design for homes in the UK, it saw a surge in the late nineties and early 200’s and now plenty of home owners have open plan floors and rooms within their homes.

But is open plan living n outdated trend that we need to move on from? Or can it add real value to people’s lives and homes?

Fairtech Contracting is here to answer these questions through this blog post.

So, what are the advantages of open plan living?

Increased Amounts of Natural Lighting

Open plan space is usually brighter than individual rooms as windows will be on two or more walls, hence letting in more natural light. If you want a home that has a huge amount of natural lighting available, consider speaking to your architects Warrington about open plan living.

This option has the potential to improve your living standards and decrease the amount of money you spend on electricity through artificial lighting.

Increased Sociability

It’s easier to chat to other family members compared to if one person is cooking in a kitchen and the others are in a separate living room. If you have children that you need to keep your eye on at all times, consider your kitchen and lounge being open plan style.

This way you would be able to cook whilst keeping your eye on them playing or watching television.

Social Occasions

Open plan living offers loots of space if you are planning on hosting large parties or having a large number of friends over. People will all be contained within the one space and can mingle more easily than if in different rooms.

If you are a social butterfly or your home in the past has often be a hub for social activity, consider open plan living to improve your get togethers in the future.

Speak to your architects Warrington for help and advice on how to create the perfect space for parties and gatherings.

So what are the disadvantages of open plan living?

Can be Too Noisy or Disruptive

There is every possibility it will be too noisy. The noise of children, noise of television or gadgets can make their way throughout your house if the open plan living choice is adopted. If you are a person that values peace and quiet, this may not be the option for you.

Speak to your architects Warrington for advice on how to make open plan living work for you.

Lack of Privacy  

Privacy can be an issue. You may want to have a chat with a friend in the kitchen while the children are playing in the living area but it can be hard to have a quiet conversation in an open plan space.

In these instances, open plan living may not be the correct choice for your home.

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