All Rounded Services All Across Cheshire

All Rounded Services All Across Cheshire

Growth, development and expansion, these are the making of evolution.
In an ever-changing and rapidly evolving community like ours, Fairtech Contracting is becoming the leading name in development and design, thanks to our ambitious and creative workers, engineers and architects in Warrington.

Giving back to the community

We strongly believe in our community, in Warrington, and in Cheshire as a whole. For that we are giving back o our community in the form of free, no obligation professional quotes for your projects.
Simply reach out to us with the sufficient information needed about your project and your idea of what you want to be done and our architects in Warrington will get back to you right away with your free quote.

Contact us now, no matter the size of your project

No project is too small or too big. When you have the right set of experienced workers and dedicated architects in Warrington that we have at Fairtech, everything is possible.
You might be only looking to touchup on your house exterior or redo a room in a flat; or perhaps you need to space in the shape of a room or full on space extension for a family shared space. If you even need a new storey built to upgrade your property; we have it all covered.
All of this and more are jobs and projects that we already have in our portfolio and have done several times all over Cheshire.

We will legalise it

Any paperwork that needs to be legalised and submitted is part of our commitment to your project in Warrington. Architects will meticulously and accurately create their clear floor plan drawing after an in-depth survey of your property. Those plans are then submitted by our team to acquire all the needed legal permissions on your behalf.

Creating your own driveway

Another task that we can carry out efficiently for you at Fairtech is to design and pave your very own private driveway. Be it a permeable or impermeable driveway that you want to make, we our computer guided equipment to design and plan your driveway paving at the highest quality.

Crate system soakaways for your expansion

In the recent years, some urban planning authorities demand the creation of soakaways where some house extensions are requested. A typical gravel-filled soakaway could call for a large amount of excavation, which subsequently also means more money. Ask your architects in Warrington or civil engineer upon contacting ask at Fairtech Contracting about crate system soakaways. Which the knowledge and equipment available for our teams, a much more economical crate system soakaway could be created for your extension whenever needed.

Where to find us

We currently have four locations across the county of Cheshire, all staffed with the best engineers and architects in Warrington, Wigan, Widnes, and St. Helens.
Moreover of course, feel free to give us a call or send us and email through our website and we will get back to you right away with the professional care you would expect Fairtech Contracting Ltd.