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Fairtech Contracting Ltd is an Architects and Architect Company Wigan with a proven track record of delivering excellence as a construction consultancy. The company has been serving clients from both the public and private sectors for a number of years now in variety of different capacities. The three core services which the consultancy covers are site work, civil engineering design and extension plans.

With these three core services, Fairtech facilitates every aspect of pre building work and design including: site surveys, site supervision, extension blue prints, infrastructure design and a range of other design and engineering based services.


As a leading Architects and Architect company Wigan, we know our ever expanding client base is due to the level of service we provide regardless of a project’s size and scope. We quite simply work with our clients as closely as possible, their input towards each stage is key to ensuring that the work we produce is what they asked for.

This extreme attention to detail minimises any delays along the way and ensures that by the time you receive your project’s design documents, you can acquire an accurate estimate for any required work.

Site Work

One of the core services we provide is supplying all aspects of site engineering services for building, civil engineering and industrial projects. As we are an Architects and Architect Company Wigan, any commercial site local to the area can benefit from this available service.

Part of the three core services we provide involves supplying all aspects of site engineering services for building, civil engineering and industrial projects. As Fairtech Contracting Ltd is an Architects and Architect Company St Helens, these service are available to any intended commercial projects across the area local to St Helens.

Our consistent approach is provided for each client’s specific needs, this involves taking a unique approach to each individual project. We take the time to foresee any aspects that could hinder progress along the way and develop a solution before any work takes place.

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Civil Engineering Design

Within our team of experts, is a specialist department dedicated to Civil Engineering Design. The role of this department is to take special care of all the important design features relating to the infrastructure of your building. Ensuring your home or commercial building’s functionality and adequate facilities is a task we do not take lightly.

We operate by working closely with clients during every stage of the process, so that we can guarantee every specific need or requirement for their build is catered for. This helps us make sure the designs we draw up are fit for purpose.

A list of the types of infrastructure design that we create for clients include: internal and external drainage, utility services such as water, gas and electric, ground contamination and earthworks.

Fairtech Contracting Ltd has achieved their status of being a respected Architects and Architect Company Wigan through meeting client expectations whilst simultaneously pleasing the local community. We do this to make sure our work is appropriate for both the client and the area we cater to, this in turn avoids any potential disputes with the local community.

Extension plans

Fairtech Contracting Ltd has expertise in both new and pre-existing builds. The company offers extension plans to clients who seek to turn their building into their ‘dream home’. We work with members of the community in Wigan to develop their domestic setting. This is one of the core services we offer as an Architects and Architect Company Wigan.

We work with clients who wish to achieve their perfect home without moving, we do this by building on and developing pre-existing features within their homes. There are many reasons people chose not move such as not wanting to leave a location or community or the affordability of moving. Whatever the reason, we aim to help them achieve their dream home without moving through our bespoke design services.

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Now that you are aware of the types and level of service Fairtech Contracting Ltd has to offer you through our three core specialisations, should you need our help improving your home, feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call at 0151 321 1986. One of our expert surveyors will be happy to discuss your project and to provide you with an obligation free quote for your project.

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