Architects Warrington on The Renovate v New Build Debate

Architects Warrington on The Renovate v New Build Debate

The age old between whether to buy a property and renovate it for living or ‘flipping purposes’, or build an entirely new property still has property investors collectively scratching their heads.

The honest, definitive answer to the debate is that they both have their pros and cons. Maybe that was not quite the definitive answer you were looking for, but hopefully this respected Architects Warrington Fairtech Contracting Ltd can shed some light on the situation through this blog post.

Give these 3 points a read before making any hasty decisions.

Sentimental attachment

There are certain attributes that turn a house into a home. This might sound a tad corny but it is the truth. A house such as the one you grew up in or the house you raise your own family in can have great amounts of sentimental value to you. It is not uncommon to see occupants remain in the family home after their children have left until the end of their days.

A house can become part of the family, (although not nearly on the same scale) to some people parting with a home can evoke the same feelings of loss as losing a family member.

It is understandable why people with sentimental attachments to their home chose to remain in their current dwellings. However, this often makes people reluctant to improve their homes out of fear of changing it too much.

Fairtech Contracting Ltd being Architects Warrington, work within the local community to prepare designs for the purpose of improving our client’s homes in whatever capacity they are comfortable with.

Structural Integrity of pre -existing homes

One of the main things to consider when deciding between buying or building is the infrastructure of your potential property. In the UK, many Edwardian and Victorian properties are still being used as homes.

Advancements in the way of drainage, irrigation systems, central heating and other functional requirements of a modern day home may not be present or up to scratch in these type of buildings.

Installing these systems can come with a heavy price tag or potentially not be a feasible option without risking the property’s structural integrity.

In these instances, building an entirely new home can end up being the cheaper option. If a property is relatively old it is always best to consider this as the upfront cost of building a new home may be more, but the ongoing maintenance of and old property could end up costing you more in years to come.

Fairtech Contracting Ltd is an Architects Warrington, specialising in design for both new builds and extensions for pre-existing properties. Through our years of experience in both of these types of project, we have a wealth of knowledge and advice regarding building infrastructures.

Demolishing an existing property

Should you wish to embark on the adventure of a new build, something that you need to take into consideration is the demolition cost and the permission required.

If your site is already built upon you plan to replace the current structure, you first need to knock it down in a safe manner. To do so you need to obtain planning permission for the demolition.

A roughly estimated price guide for demolition would be around 30-40 pound per cubic metre. Prices however may be changed by factors such as ease of access and façade retention

If you are trying to factor in all the expenses of a new build, the demolition needs to be added to the list.

For an idea regarding what sort of expenses you can expect to sustain along the way, contacting an Architects Warrington such as Fairtech for professional advice, will help you get the ball rolling.

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We hope that our key points to consider regarding the renovate v rebuild debate have helped shed some light on the pros and cons of each option. Should you need help or further advice to better inform your decision, or any other area regarding home improvement, Fairtech Contracting is here to help.

As an Architects Warrington, our dedicated team has a wealth of knowledge regarding every aspect of building design for new and pre-existing properties. Feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call at 0151 321 1986. One of our expert team will be happy to discuss your project and provide you with an obligation free quote.