Architectural Consultancy at its best

Architectural Consultancy at its best

Fairtech Contracting limited is the contracting leader of choice. Architects St Helens emerges as the consultancy firm that is established in consulting on behalf of the contracting company. Architects St Helens is known to offer these consultancy services for a number of years for both the public and private sector. It is during these years of service that we have built an unrivalled reputation among our esteemed clients who have made our customer network grow immensely. Our approach to each individual project is customized to the project and the desire of the client which comes up so strongly.

Areas of focus

As Architects St Helens, we are guided by our core areas of focus which are the guide to the provision of our services. These core areas include among others site work, civil engineering design and extension plans for domestic and commercial builds. These are the main pillars of our consultancy services that we render to our clients. The same cover all the way from the pre-design level to the step where the main building exercise takes off. This means that Architects St Helens presents the client with a whole package meant to oversee successful contracting at all costs. A host of services are entailed in this great package. The services include site surveys and site supervisions, extension blueprints and great infrastructure designs. These and many more engineering based services are on offer and included in the package as important areas of focus. This ultimately is a great recipe for reducing any hiccups that may be associated with the whole contracting process. This is basically the partnership that the company shares with the clients to build a great working relationship. This relationship works positively to give the customer the much-needed confidence. To understand this better, we wish to cover every area being taken care of by Architects St Helen individually.

Site Work

In our dedication to our work, our noble services include supplying all the aspects of site engineering services. These are done for building and civil engineering works as well as industrial projects. The same services are also provided to the commercial projects scattered along the locality of St Helens. The site work is customer-centred as it is not through a common manual or in other words a modelled approach but each is customized according to the customer’s need. This goes a long way to assure the customer of the importance that Architects St Helens accords them. With us be assured that all the goals you have set for your project are always met as per the set time frame.

Civil Engineering Design

This is an area of focus where dedication is of great importance. Here the emphasis is made to all the important design features in close relation to your building’s infrastructure. This is possible based on the fact that Architects St Helens has a close working understanding with the customers at every stage.

Extension Plans

It is our joy to improve your home and thus make it more pleasant to you. We are always so ready to talk to you and even offer you a free quote on the project you plan to undertake. By filling our contact form or calling us, your dream of giving that home a much-needed facelift is assured.