Basement Conversion – What You Need to Know

Basement Conversion – What You Need to Know

Sometimes, building below your property can be more cost-effective than building above your home. For those who already have a basement that isn’t quite living up to its potential, perhaps renovating your basement could be a better investment than adding an extension.

Architects St Helens wants to debunk the myth that basements are dark and dingy, or too dull and dark. Basement renovations are brilliant and have the ability to add incredible value to your home. But what are the basics you need to know before starting your basement renovation journey?

The Consultation

First things first, you’ll need to have a sit-down consultation with your architect or basement specialist to discuss your needs for the future project. This is your time to ask all the possible questions you might have regarding costs, structure and any other ideas or requirements you have in mind for your renovation.

Be sure to ask any questions or address any concerns within your consultation to avoid any disappointments or disagreements later down the line.

Design & Planning

Once you’ve got your consultation and initial meeting out of the way, next comes the planning. A full survey of your home is carried out, and a design of the area is then created. Once you agree on this design, a planning permission application is submitted.

Your architect or specialist will also apply for a Party Wall award. This will be sent to all your neighbours to approve. Once this has gone through, and your planning permission has been accepted, you will move onto the next step of your project!

The Build Process

Once all your planning processes are out of the way, it’s time to get to work! It will start with digging a hole in the size you need for your basement, removing any soil that’s in the way.

Underpinning works will be carried out, with reinforced concrete and beams erected to support the weight of the house. Waterproofing the basement will be the next step, constructing drains to allow water to escape – giving you a waterproofed structure.

Architects St Helens advise to keep an eye on all procedures and works within this time, just to make sure that everything is going to plan like you and the architect or specialist agreed.

The Finishing Touches

Now that the basic shell of the basement has been established, the rest of the finishing touches will be applied. This will be laying the carpet and the flooring, adding the electricity to the room, plumbing and any other aspects you can think of.

This is when your basement will really come together and become its finished product, allowing you to enjoy your new room and all its glory!

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