Building the Vision of a Grand Future

Building the Vision of a Grand Future

Fairtech Contracting’s scope covers the county of Cheshire and expands beyond. Through our team of some of the best builders and architects in Warrington, Cheshire, we have established ourselves as one of the leaders in the business. We strongly believe in our precious county’s potential.

An amazing vision is not enough

A vision without an execution plan is a dream.
And because at Fairtech we are not here to dream, we are here to make the present and future better. We have amassed a group of amazing architects in Warrington and Cheshire to transform dreams and visions into reality through careful planning and designs.

Vision turns into plan, plan turns into reality

Our architects in Warrington will provide you with the plan and best methods to get your project done. Those plans are just passed on to our team of builders, they know and understand how you value your time and property and they have the sufficient experience to turn it all into the reality you want and deserve.

Thriving under the pressure

All the architects in Warrington in 2018 and from now on will probably be getting a myriad of new projects for new housing, extensions, restoration and more.
Warrington had a vision for 2037, within it; more than a thousand new houses are to be built per year. A vision that manifested into a plan that has been in motion last year and continues to grow.

This gets us all at Fairtech excited. We want to be part of the history of Cheshire and the growth process of Warrington. Architects, engineers and builders’ teams in our company are ready to make dreams come true.

 We work beyond your private space

Fairtech Contracting is always expanding and growing. We pride ourselves in not only having the most exceptional architects in Warrington, but also incredibly capable and experienced civil engineers.
Our civil engineers work on bigger projects that serve our public space, roads, infrastructure and services or utilities networks all across the county of Cheshire.

Site work and method of operation

The Fairtech Warrington architects are not the only modernly equipped department at our company; our site and civil engineers are also operating at the highest level of experience and technological edge.
We take tried and tested, traditional, hardworking old school methods of site work and management and integrate it with high-end, computer aided modeling and design software and modern equipment.

Industrial development and construction

Another field that we strive in and continue to support is the field of industrial site construction and service. Different industries call for different methods, equipment and experience; at Fairtech Contracting we understand this and we have built a team of engineers and builders who have everything you would need for a state of the art industrial plant and the upkeep and servicing of it.

Whether it is construction, housing development, remodeling, industrial plants, or infrastructure projects; Fairtech Contracting and our builders, engineers and architects in Warrington are here to bring the future to you and bring Warrington, Cheshire, to the future!