A Brief Guide To Choosing The Right Survey



There is a broad spectrum of surveys available in the UK. From land and engineering to ecology and hydrographic, each survey is designed to assess functionality and take measurements, but each has its own specific purpose. Each survey provides key information, that will enable a building project to begin or will help to complete the construction process. Whether you’re a homebuyer or contractor, the difficulty arises in knowing which survey you will need, and when.

We’ve put together a handy guide to some of the surveys your most likely to need in Widnes, Runcorn, Warrington and Liverpool, so that you can be sure you’re choosing the right survey for you.



What is an engineering survey?

An engineering survey is used in the design and construction of any structural, civil engineering scheme such as building roads, rail construction, and bridge erection. An engineering survey helps to create a mapped plan of a proposed area of construction.

What does an engineering survey do?

An engineering survey assesses the area surrounding the proposed construction, taking the space above and below into consideration, as well as the features of the local landscape and boundaries of ownership.

Who needs to contact Fairtech for an engineering survey?

Engineering surveys are usually required by construction companies and contractors, helping to ensure that any engineering work is completed accurately, lawfully, and safely. Fairtech can arrange engineering surveys across Cheshire, Merseyside and the surrounding regions.


What is a measured building survey?

A measured building survey is a way of displaying the layout of a building through a series of plans. These plans can include floor plans, side elevations, or sections of a building. The plans will show the dimensions of a space and will indicate the presence of structural and partition walls, facades, doors, windows, stairs or lift shafts, and mark the location of bathrooms and fittings.

Why do I need a measured building survey?

Measured building surveys are often used for record purposes as a reference tool, helping to calculate available space and the area of the project, and also as a way of identifying any changes that may have occurred since the structure was first built.

What can I use a measured building survey from Fairtech for?

Fairtech complete and can arrange measured building surveys for architectural work, but this type of survey can also be used for:
• deciding rental charges and rates for the property. Knowing the area and occupancy you have to work with can also help with valuation.
• helping to resolve boundary disputes such as ‘Rights to Light’ and ‘Party Wall’ issues
• land registry and lease
• the management of problems such as the presence of asbestos or with the planning of emergency fire precautions
• as a record to show a building in its original state and as verification of the property


What is a drainage survey? 

A drainage survey is a thorough inspection of the drainsage network connected to a property. The extent of a drainage survey is dependent on the access to the drains, and whether a septic tank or cess pool is attached to the building.

What does a drainage survey do? 

A drainage survey is used to check the overall structural condition of the drains. A CCTV drainage survey can help to detect any vermin infestation, identify any blockages in need of clearing and any damaged pipework. The ownership, i.e. whether it is privately owned or owned by a water company of the system, can also be determined. A drainage survey is also useful in mapping the drain network to show its location, should excavation or repairs be needed in future.

What can I use a drainage survey from Fairtech for? 

In the UK and Ireland, it is recommended that home buyers arrange a drainage survey before purchasing a new home. This enables potential buyers to identify any problems before they move in, helping to save time and money on repairs in the long run. Mortgage lenders, insurance companies and solicitors can request a drainage survey, commonly referred to as a ‘water search’.

If you’re still unsure about which type of survey meets your needs, the team at Fairtech are on hand to answer your questions, to help you find the right one for you. If you know what you need, contact Fairtech for an informal chat and arrange your next engineering, measured building or drainage survey with us.