The Most Common Safety Concerns in Construction

The Most Common Safety Concerns in Construction

Fairtech contracting have been serving both the public and private sector as architects St Helens for a number of years now. We know that when it comes to building and construction sites, there’s a list as long as your arm of potential health and safety concerns.

Building and Construction sites are filled with more hazards than just heavy equipment alone. But what do you need to look out for when working on a building site or managing those who are working on site? Read this blog to find out.

Working at Height

Constructing and demolition of buildings often requires tradesmen to work at heights. In 2014, falls from heights were the most common fatality on building sites with nearly three in ten deaths being caused by falls.

If you are to do work at heights yourself or employ workers to do it for you, you must make sure that the proper training is provided. If you hire an architects St Helens such as Fairtech, the site workers that we provide are trained prior to working on your project-so you don’t need to worry about their safety

Heavy and Moving Machinery

Construction sites can be hectic to say the least, with an abundance of heavy and moving machinery present, there are always serious safety hazards present. It is important that in this type of dynamic and dangerous environment, there is someone managing both people and equipment to avoid accidents.

If you consult the help of an architects St Helens such as Fairtech Contracting Ltd, we can provide site managers and safety experts to make sure every person and every piece of plant equipment is safe and where they should be.

Falls and Trips

The most common cause of accident in the general workplace across the UK is falls from loose cables. The amount of slips, trips and falls that occur day in, day out is truly shocking, mainly for the reason that they can be easily avoided.

When you consider the range of work being done on a building site, it comes as no surprise that there will be a lot of loose cables running across floors and ground. As well as this, holes in the ground and other hazards have the potential to injury workers on building sites.

If you hire an architects St Helens such as Fairtech Contracting, we can provide proper health and safety training, reports and cable management to avoid workers being injured on your watch.

Noise Damage

This one is often ignored but quite possibly one of the biggest hazards amongst building site workers. Repetitive, excessive noises can cause long term hearing problems and can also be a dangerous distraction for those operating machinery, equipment etc.

An architects St Helens such as Fairtech Contracting Ltd can carry out a noise risk assessment so that the workers on your site can avoid long term noise damage.

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