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Converting A Garage Into A Room

We all need a little space sometimes, a place to call our own. Somewhere to unwind, feel energised, or just to have a little peace and quiet. With more and more families living together for longer space at home comes at a premium, but finding a convenient, affordable solution to accommodate everyone could be closer than you think.

Garage conversion design


Since the driving boom of the 1950s, the trend for adding garages to homes across Cheshire and Merseyside began to grow, offering a secure shelter for new cars. Nearly seventy years later, a garage is a commonplace feature of most modern homes, with up to 53% of UK households having at least one garage. However, only 24% of those garages are used for their intended purpose, with a majority used to house freezers, bikes, camping, equipment, shed overspill, and bags of clothes destined for the charity shop, amongst other things. So, with large modern cars gracing driveways across Widnes, Runcorn, Warrington and beyond, there must be a better way to put that garage storage space to good use for your family.

Creating more space at home may be more affordable than you think


Converting your garage into a habitable, functional room could be the most advantageous and least disruptive solution to your space problem.  So, what do you need to think about before you start to find a quote for a garage conversion in Cheshire? 

The cost of a garage conversion

When choosing the best way to increase the space in your property, you may find your budget stretches that bit further with a conversion rather than an extension.  Garage conversions are much cheaper than building an extension to your property, as the project will focus on improving the functionality of the garage, without affecting the external structure. You can keep costs to a minimum too by retaining existing features like garage doors.

But, where will the kids’ bikes go?

You also don’t have to completely sacrifice your garage storage or lose your garage door. A professional architectural design service will consider the best way to use the space you have. If the garage is large enough, the designer can position cosy, new living quarters behind a smaller storage space, so that your BBQ still has somewhere warm and dry to live, whilst family life continues blissfully away next door.

Planning permission for a garage conversion

Because the work on a garage conversion is largely internal, planning permission isn’t usually required, however the conversion construction must still comply with building regulations, so using a professional architectural design service is highly recommended to avoid any disappointing surprises once the build has started.

Whatever your garage conversion ideas, whether you’re looking for a new home office in Greater Manchester, an extra bedroom downstairs in Halton, or a ‘man cave’ escape in Liverpool, you can have affordable building regulations plans for a garage conversion drawn up from just £600 with Fairtech. This service includes a laser measurement survey of the property to inform the design for your proposed garage conversion. 

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