Designing an Elderly Friendly Home

Designing an Elderly Friendly Home

As an Architects St Helens that caters to variety of different clients, we know that homes suitable for one person may well not meet the needs of another.

We are often approached by clients in need of design plans for homes that cater to the physically disabled and elderly generation.

Those with reduced mobility often struggle to navigate their home without the aid of supports and other mobility aids and so it is hugely important that they are built into the home’s design.

So how can you design an elderly friendly home?

Include Handrails and Support Aids

For those that struggle standing up for long and traversing the home, support aids and handrails can be a life line.

By including handrails in areas such as the stairs, the bathroom, kitchen and so on- you can ensure that elderly occupants making their way around the home can do so with ease.

Speak to your architects St Helens about how together we can incorporate handrails and other support aids into your project’s architecture.

One Story Homes

One story homes such as bungalows are great for elderly occupants as they completely get rid of the need for stairs.

Traversing stairs can be difficult for those that struggle with mobility and so getting rid of the need for going up and down stairs can greatly benefit elderly occupants.

If you are designing a home for an elderly occupant, speak to your architects St Helens about one story homes. 

Avoid Wide Open Spaces Within the Home  

When designing a home for an elderly occupant, try to avoid the inclusions of wide open spaces.

Wide open spaces without areas of support are dangerous for people with reduced mobility. Should they fall over and hurt themselves, they may struggle to get back to their feet.

Effective Lighting Throughout the Home  

Lighting is hugely important if you want to safeguard the occupants of the home you are designing. 

The reason being, elderly occupants often has reduced eye sight capabilities due to deterioration over the years.

We suggest installing bright lighting throughout the home and even consider remote controlled lighting.

Lever Style Door Knobs

Using a lever style door knob can greatly improve the living standards for elderly occupants. Lever style door knobs are much easier to use than traditional knobs due to the reduced wrist strength they require to use.

Speak to your architects St Helens today about how you can use lever style door knobs within your home.


Avoid any sudden drops in flooring, any drops or elevations can be problematic as they require a higher amount of mobility in the joints to handle.

As well as this, use a type of flooring that will avoid slipping and tripping. This may well mean using non laminate flooring etc.

Speak to your architects St Helens about what type of flooring best suits your elderly occupant’s needs.

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