Designing Buildings with Fire Safety in Mind

Designing Buildings with Fire Safety in Mind

With the recent blaze that destroyed the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building, our architects in Warrington are taking a deep dive into designing buildings with fire safety in mind. One should always design for fire safety throughout all aspects of a building’s architecture and construction. From the materials used to the floor plan, these all have a massive impact on a building’s fire safety and preparedness.

Keep reading to understand how it is that architects in Warrington design and create fire-safe structures.

The Importance of Fire Safety

Since early history, fire has been one of the most destructive forces when it comes to any structure or city. According to Cote and Bugbee (1988), fire is the principal cause of death in building (besides falls) and is also one of the leading causes of death in building-related incidents. Damages from fire are typically about 20 times worse those from earthquakes and wind-related natural disasters.

It’s also important to remember that natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes can often spark fires, with fires also much more likely to occur than many other natural disasters.

Designing Fire Prevention

Everything about a building, from its layout to the materials, will have a factor in how fire-safe a building is. It’s important to consider the ability to confine and stifle a fire through things like floor plans, material choices and interior finishes. It’s also just as important to consider the emergency escape routes that people inside the building will have to take in cases of an emergency.

Architects in Warrington always try to design fire exit routes to be easily accessible, relatively short and not overly complex.

Providing Proper Extinguishment

When designing a building, one should always consider the access to fire extinguishment, both inside and outside the building. Inside the building, one must consider things like sprinkler placement, fire extinguisher placement and locations of other materials like fire blankets.

Architects in Warrington also try to think about the possible placements of fire hydrants or other external extinguishment resources.

Setting Up the Right Systems

Early warning is the first step to ensuring everyone can evacuate a building safely in the event of a fire. Architects in Warrington rigorously check that every one of their buildings is fully equipped with smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and a fire alarm system to clearly notify everyone in the building in case of any kind of emergency.

Remember to always check the battery life and general state of your smoke detectors and fire alarm systems to ensure they are always fully functional.

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