When it comes to finding more room at home, finding out about the different types of extension available will help homeowners in Cheshire to make some important decisions about starting a building project.

UK homes come in all shapes and sizes, and so do families. From a two-bed terraced house to a six-bedroom executive home, UK homeowners usually have some space around their property to play around with, but may not always see its potential straight away.

As a nation we are typically house-proud, tailoring our homes to reflect our lifestyle.  But, sometimes a little extra space is just what’s needed to completely suit our needs and interests.  By avoiding the upheaval and inconvenience of a house move, a building extension is a great option to ensure you can both stay in the house you call home and acquire some much-needed room.

Find out more about the different types of extension that could benefit properties in Widnes, Warrington, and St Helens:


For homes in Widnes and Runcorn, with a narrow alleyway running alongside the building or a small courtyard adjacent to the property, a side extension could be just the solution. From small offices to airy yoga studios, transforming the unused space at the side of your home can open up more options for you. A side extension can bring extra light as well as space, and can be an affordable way to expand.  


Homes with small living areas but ample garden or patio space, consider a rear extension. Rear extensions are versatile, and can be adapted to suit most purposes. If you’ve desired a larger open plan kitchen/living room that’s perfect for parties and gatherings, a rear extension is the perfect choice. Rear extensions are ideal for those looking for a room that encourages rest and calm with a view of the garden, or a room that allows you to complete household chores or sit down and have a brew whilst the kids play outside.


A wraparound extension combines both a side and a rear extension, usually forming an L shape around a building. If you have the space and budget, a wraparound extension is an ideal way to add value to your property whilst improving the functionality and floor-space within your home. A wraparound extension is perfect for creating a dual-purpose room whilst maintaining an open plan design. The corners of the extension separate areas naturally without the need, or additional expense of walls or doorways. 


With homes across Cheshire and Merseyside housing up to three generations of the same family you’ll need some extra room. Making the most of the height and space of your home, a two-storey extension is a great way to change the external appearance of your home, whilst making more habitable space internally. Gain an extra bedroom, office, study or games room upstairs, and a kitchen, lounge area, or accommodation for a relative downstairs.  Perfect for growing families.

If you’re unsure if your Widnes, Runcorn or Warrington property has the potential for an extension, or you want to find out how an extension could allow family life at home to continue uninterrupted, have a chat with Matt at Fairtech, for no obligation advice on the right type of extension for you.