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Before we get started drawing the extension of your dreams, we’ll need to gather some information from you to give you a free no-obligation quote.

Once you’re happy to go ahead, we can start the painless process of preparing your plans…


Step 1. Getting a quote

You’ll need a clear idea of where you want to position your extension and how you want it to look.

When you’re ready, send us your design brief which should include:

Your address
Current number of bedrooms
Current number of floors
A description of the basic features of your extension or conversion, perhaps… how many storeys it will cover, whether you’d like it to wraparound your home, or how many rooms you’d like.

We’ll then come back with a no-obligation quote for you to look over.

Once you let us know that you’re happy to go ahead, and whether you require our recommended building control standard drawings, we’ll get you booked in.


Step 2. Tell us about your home

Before we put pencil to paper, we need to know a few more details about your home.

Sketch the existing floor plan and mark up your ideas for the extension space with your measurements.

TOP TIP: Annotating a floor plan from an estate agent with the proposed extension dimensions would also work well.

Mark out windows and doors, and jot down the dimensions of each room, including the height of the ceilings.

Measure the area the intended work covers, and send us any photographs of the site and the sides of your property.

The more detail you can provide the more accurate your drawings will be.

Step 3. Tell us about your extension

We want to transfer the image inside your head onto paper. To do that, you’ll need to share your ideas with us.

Simple ideas work best, this ensures you get our trademark attention to detail with a quick turnaround. Describe them to us or get busy sketching to help us visualise what you have in mind.

At this stage, we can advise you on whether your design falls within your permitted development rights, or your local Planning Authority’s guidance on extensions, and what changes we’d make to ensure it does.
TOP TIP: You can find out more about permitted development with the Planning Portal.

Step 4. The drawing

Once we have your measurements of your existing floor plan, photographs, and your detailed design brief, we’ll get to work preparing the planning drawings.

You should receive a PDF copy of the plans within 7 days for your approval.

Doesn’t quite look how you imagined? A first round of amendments is included in your price. We’ll make some tweaks and get the plans back to you in a few days.

Step 5. The planning submission

Once you’re happy with the design, we can complete all the necessary paperwork and submit the planning application or lawful development application for you.

Once the application is validated by your Local Authority, you should hear back in 8 weeks.

Need Building Regulation Drawings?

Most build projects need building control involvement. We recommend completing a full plans submission. This allows us to submit technical drawings to check their compliance before work begins. If you’ve not asked us for building regulations drawings by this stage, you’ve still got time to add them to your project.

Starting the Build

You can start work on site as soon as you get building control plan approval, knowing that your extension is in full compliance with building regulations.