Five Fairtech Tips For Adding Value To Your Property

Five Fairtech Tips For Adding Value To Your Property

Buying a house is a long-term investment, even if you don’t see financial gains immediately, your house becomes a home, a place for making memories, and you can’t underestimate the value of that. So, even if you’re not looking to sell your home or move, there could be things you could change about your house that could pay off in the long run, whilst allowing you to enjoy the benefits also.

Start with thinking about your current lifestyle. Is there anything missing that could improve your home? Does the family queue across the landing to access the bathroom every morning? Are the kids tightly packed into a single bedroom? When guests visit do they end sleeping on an airbed on the floor of the living room?

Thinking about everyday inconveniences could be your first step to reducing your frustration and adding value to your property. Look at other houses on sale in the area to see how they have modernised or modified their living quarters, and draw up a wish-list of the dream features you’ve always longed for.

Here are some ideas that could enhance your home and mean a boost to your property price.

The Kitchen

A hive of activity or a narrow corridor, your kitchen nearly always benefits from some extra space. Whether it’s refurbished cupboards to house your growing Tupperware community, or an extension to increase the square footage, updating and expanding your kitchen area is a sure-fire way to increase your house value.

Loft Conversion

Going up. If your house was built before the 1960s, chances are you’ll have a roomy loft space, perfect for a loft conversion. Create an additional bedroom, or a third floor complete with bathroom facilities to optimise the space and the value in your home.

Add an extension

Build to the back, to the side, or wrap around. Take unused space around your property and transform it into a usable room. Whatever you choose, an extension is sure to bring a bonus to your selling price.

Improve your kerb appeal

Your home is the exception to the rule that ‘looks don’t matter’, especially when it comes to selling a property. Sprucing up your home’s external appearance can go a long way to making it more desirable to buyers, but in the meantime, you can enjoy enhanced aesthetics. Tidy up the garden, improve the paving, consider a boundary wall or fence overhaul, or maybe even adding or changing the front porch.

Go open plan

Opening up your living space remains one of the most sought-after features by home buyers. Ideal for family life and socialising, combining a kitchen and dining area or even a living area can result in both a functional and financial bonus. Maximise your open plan profit by ensuring sufficient space to be alone, and room separators.

Improve the functionality of your home whilst adding £s on to the sale value by mixing things up and making the most of the space around you. A specialist in planning and construction consultancy, contact Matt from Fairtech for an informal chat, and find out how Fairtech can support you with everything from planning and design, to building regulations and permission, helping you get more from your property in more ways than one.