Four Design Ideas for Your Dream Modern Home

Four Design Ideas for Your Dream Modern Home

Fairtech Contracting Ltd is an architects Warrington that helps people in Cheshire and the surrounding areas design their dream home.

We offer several services including architectural design, civil engineering design, site work and extension plans.

When it comes to designing a contemporary home, there are several modern design ideas that you can incorporate into your build.

We have put together this short blog detailing four design ideas for your dream modern home.

So, on to idea number one.

The Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Home

As the world becomes more and more socially and eco-conscious, it is only natural that the homes we build will reflect that.

One of the most popular design trends for homeowners is the sustainable and eco-friendly home.

This means incorporating plenty of eco-friendly features into your home’s foundations. This may well mean including solar panels on your home, extra insulation to save on energy and much more.

For advice on how you can design a sustainable and eco-friendly home, speak to your architects Warrington today.

The Farm House Design

Becoming increasingly popular with those seeking to get away from it all, the farmhouse design involves designing a home away from everything else.

In a field in the countryside, you can design a farmhouse that is traditional or not so traditional.

You can choose to buy an old farmhouse and convert it into a residential space or simply construct your very own.

No matter what your choice, this type of building design affords a huge amount of creativity and privacy.

Speak to your architects Warrington about designing your very own farmhouse.

Open Plan

Open plan living became popular in the 70’s and 80’s, it incorporates a completely open design into your home. This means that you lose the walls but gain the space.

Maybe not the best idea for every floor in your home, an open plan bottom floor can be a really great choice for both style and function.

If you have children that like to run off, then open plan living allows you to be in the kitchen cooking whilst keeping your eye on the children watching television in the lounge.

Speak to your architects Warrington about how you can design an open plan home.

Convert and Restore

As we previously stated with the farmhouse design concept, restoring or converting an old property such as a barn can be a great way to get a fantastic property.

If you do not mind rolling your sleeves up, you may well actually save money in the process.

If not, speak to your architects Warrington about how you can restore an old property without breaking the bank.

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