Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Unveils Online 3D Laboratory

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Unveils Online 3D Laboratory

For architects Warrington, the opportunity to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture studio and laboratory, Taliesin West is a near-impossible dream. Not anymore however, as the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has recently unveiled their new online 3D portal, which provides an immersive online architecture tour of the famous architect’s work.

Keep on reading this blog post by architects Warrington to find out more about who Frank Lloyd Wright was, what he contributed to the world of architecture, and about the newest way you can explore his beautiful buildings and projects.

Who was Frank Lloyd Wright?

While architects Warrington will surely know who Frank Lloyd Wright was, not everyone in the world is an architecture enthusiast and will know. Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and designer, considered by many to be the pioneer of the Prarie school of architecture. Wright’s interior design abilities also crop up in many of his buildings, from furniture to stained glass works.

An iconic and renowned architect all around the world, Wright was recognised as “the greatest American architect of all time” by the American Institute of Architects in 1991.

What are some of his Well-Known Works?

Many of Wright’s buildings stand as recognisable landmarks within the American cultural landscape, however, the architect did a variety of projects outside of the United States as well. Frank Lloyd Wright designed and created more than 400 built structures, but unfortunately, about 300 survive as of 2005.

Some of his most notable projects remain the cylindrical Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City and Fallingwater, a house Wright cantilevered over a waterfall in Mill Run, Pennsylvania.

The Frank Lloyd-Wright Foundation

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was created with the mission to preserve Taliesin and Taliesin while inspiring future generations through the architecture and designs of the famous American architect. The foundation organises a collection of events, programs and exhibitions for young and old people interested in discovering the magic of architecture.

While architects Warrington won’t be visiting these, the foundation even puts on children’s architecture and design day camps for kids of all ages.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s 3D Online Laboratory

Now, thanks to the work done by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, even architects Warrington can tour through his brilliant laboratory through the online 3D lab. Using Swiss geographical survey company Leica’s Geosystem technology, every nook and cranny of the Taliesin West buildings was scanned using an advanced 3D camera. With the data and images from this 3D camera, Frank Lloyd Wright has made a complete virtual reality experience available to anyone online.

This project was also undertaken to allow people with limited mobility to explore the beautiful spaces that Frank Lloyd Wright worked in.

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Now that you’ve read all about Frank Lloyd Wright and the new 3D laboratory, it’s time to visit it for yourself. You can find the 3D laboratory on the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation website and start exploring Taliesin West immediately from the comfort of your favourite chair.

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