Great Ways to Go Green On Your Self Build

Great Ways to Go Green On Your Self Build

Fairtech Contracting LTD is an architects Widnes that aims to properly inform locals on the benefits of a green home.

It’s no secret that the world is becoming more mindful when it comes to being eco-friendly, but what more could you do in your own home?

During your own home self-build, you might have some questions on how to make your home green for good. Well, we have the answers, so read more to find out how to make your self-build home an eco-dream!

Plan The Structure

Building an eco-friendly home isn’t just about what you can add to your home after the build, but more about thinking of the overall structure before you start building.

Architects Widnes suggests having a ‘fabric first’ approach, meaning that you maximise the performance of other components on the house, such as your walls, windows and doors and floors.

Dense materials such as brick and concrete have considerably higher levels of thermal mass, which is great at storing heat during the day and releasing it gradually through the night for the perfect temperature. It expels the constant need for heaters and radiators that use up considerable amounts of gas and electric.

Think more about your insulation

Insulation also needs to be considered early on in your planning. Thinking about your walls, windows, and doors is a great place to start; using triple-glazed windows will ensure to keep heat in and the cold out during any harsh weather. Most double-glazed windows will also do the job effectively if you’re looking to cut down on expenses.

There’s a wide range of natural and recycled materials available for efficient insulation that architects Widnes consider great options for the perfect eco-home, such as sheep’s wool and natural textiles.

Consider lesser known materials

Thinking about using less well-known, naturally derived alternatives to more well known chemically heavy products is a great place to start in becoming more eco in your build, says architects Widnes.

Hempcrete, Timbercrete, and Limb plaster are all great alternatives to consider when choosing different products to use on your build, all great for using within your builds on components such as walls and flooring which have great insulation properties and further help to properly insulate your home.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Recycling is an important step to take when creating your new eco-friendly home. Finding products that have been used previously in other builds, including slate, timber, and bricks will help reduce the use of the earth’s recourses and even helps you save on your self-build budget!

Even after when your build is finished and you’re all settled, considering a waste-free lifestyle can also help on conserving resources and the amount of waste that is pumped back into landfills and the ocean every year. Even trying to avoid products that overly use packaging such as plastic would make a big difference.

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