How to Choose the Right Architectural Style for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Architectural Style for Your Home

The decision to own home comes with the choice to either buy one or build. When you decide to develop, factors such as architectural Warrington design and plan come to mind. Depending on geographical conditions and your financial ability, architectural styles are numerous. Dominant techniques are discussed here will guide you on selection.


This architectural Warrington style is characterized by the use of large amounts of concrete, glass, and steel. Modern homes have a geometric square or rectangular shapes with solid white walls and flat rooftops. They also have floor-to-ceiling windows and feature open floor designs that focus more on function than design. Straight and clear geometric lines are maintained throughout the interior.


This design focuses more on aesthetic value as compared to the functional diagram. Intricate woodwork design patterns are maintained both on the interior and the exterior, the floor plan is asymmetrical, and the roof is steep. The irregular floor plan gives room for the creation of many rooms hence more space which also includes many windows. The most significant feature of a Victorian home is the patios that surround the house to create a larger outdoor living space.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod homes are smaller with simple symmetric style and are 1.5 stories. The rooftop is moderately steep with gables and a chimney. This architectural Warrington design is made up of clapboard or cedar wood with minimum decorations. Another significant feature is symmetrical windows with shutters and a central main door. Center hall floor plan makes it possible to have a large master suite on the ground floor and additional rooms upstairs. Extra outdoor features such as garages and stores can be added without interfering with the aesthetics.

Greek revival

The exterior design of a Greek revival style home is outstanding. It features long white columns at the front side, patio space that surrounds the entire house and a front porch on the second story. The roof is moderately steep with gables, and the windows are symmetrically positioned across all the walls. This architectural Warrington design is made up of wood, stone, and stone in some instances and painted white or given a paint finishing resembling marble or granite. The floor is expansive which facilitates enormous rooms.


This is a fundamental and straightforward style that is mainly rectangular, U or L- shaped. The floor is an open plan for spacey rooms with one or two story variations that have long, low lying rooftops. The windows are large and allow a view at the back and front of the house. Brick, stucco, and wood are the materials that are used to construct this design.


A craftsman style home is built with stone, wood, and brick, with symmetrical design lines. The roof is low–pitched with hipped gables and extensive patios. The distinctive feature of a craftsman style is the presence of inbuilt cabinets, bookshelves, fireplaces and eating places.

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