How Architects across Europe are Pioneering Sustainability

How Architects across Europe are Pioneering Sustainability

In our deep dive on sustainable architecture and engineering, our architects Widnes are looking at the large-scale efforts being made to integrate sustainability into civil architecture and engineering. In this post, we’ll be looking at how architects and organisations across the UK and Europe are making efforts to design, plan and construct sustainably.

We’ll be starting with a brief overview of the significant challenges being faced by architects in the field today, before looking at the steps being made today and what lies ahead for the future.

The Main Challenges for Sustainable Architecture

If there weren’t enough challenges for our architects Widnes, architecture has been facing a growing list of obstacles, unlike any other industry or sector. With climate change hanging over as an impending cloud, many architects are being tasked with enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings and city patterns in a hope to combat this.

Another difficulty in the way of developing sustainably is trying to combat the sprawling nature of city populations while finding ways to share good practices across every part of the city.

Building a Database for Architectural Sustainability

In a presentation by the Architects’ Council of Europe Chairman of Work Group Urban Issues, Antonio Borghi outlined the idea of building a common toolkit for any architects Widnes to use when practising sustainable planning and design. This would be a database compiled and curated by the Architects’ Council of Europe in the form of a wiki website open to all.

While a glossary of more than 350 terms has already been established, there are many more steps that need to be taken to make this a working database for all.

Refining Sustainable Construction for Everyone

While a large part of the database is complete, architects Widnes are aware that there is still much work left to be done for the project. Aside from continued monitoring and moderation, translation work into all official EU languages and the development of materials specific entries are the main focusses for the database right now.

While there will have to be a regular review and update for many definitions every few years, there are many other refinements to come concerning the user interaction and experience.

Steps for the Future of Sustainability

While this database is a brilliant idea, it requires support from the central administrative body while also being accessible to local citizens. However, accessibility isn’t enough, as sustainability should be rewarding and appealing for citizens, attractive to investors and help foster a social network and community dedicated to preserving the environment.

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