How Brexit will Affect EU and British Architects

How Brexit will Affect EU and British Architects

As Brexit continues to loom on the horizon, architects in Warrington have been looking at how the UK’s split from the EU will affect UK-based architects. Just as important is the effect that Brexit will have on EU projects that have any ties or connections with UK architects and companies.

Brexit’s effect will undoubtedly be a disruptive one, with many architects already trying to understand what the repercussions of the vote that occurred more than two years ago now. Below we’ve outlined some of the key impacts that Brexit will have on the architecture industry.

Popping Britain’s Architecture Bubble

Research from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has shown that Britain’s £4.8 billion architecture industry could see a huge collapse if the government doesn’t reach a Brexit deal. The “no deal” scenario has been estimated to cut UK exports to the EU by up to 30 per cent, with architects in Warrington already noticing the current repercussions in today’s architecture projects.

With two-thirds of architects having already seen projects be delayed because of Brexit, and two in five reporting projects being cancelled due to the EU referendum, British architects are already starting to lose work because of Brexit.

The Erosion of Regulation

Many top architects in Warrington and British architect David Chipperfield have noted the UK’s departure from the European Union as a departure from the EU’s regulations. Chipperfield commented last year that, “Brexit is an attempt to get out of European regulations because as Anglo-Saxons we don’t like regulations” and while many are excited about the lack of regulations, caution is greatly advised.

Chipperfield himself isn’t looking forward to this lack of regulation: “We’ve completely destroyed the notion of planning. At a point where we need the most planning, the most engagement, we’ve got the least.”

What Does Unregulated Architecture Bring?

Although the idea of no regulations sounds appealing, it’s important to understand what this truly entails. With large-scale disasters like last year’s Grenfell Tower fire and the blaze that happened recently at the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building, there has been a call to tighten and take closer looks at regulations.

However, building regulations don’t just include fire and safety regulations, but also encompass the environment and social impact that certain constructions can have. Without these, the architecture space in Britain quickly becomes a wild west of poorly planned and thus poorly idealised structures.

Retaining British and International Architects in the UK

Perhaps worse than the lack of regulation for Britain’s architecture industry is the potential lack of architects in Warrington. In last year’s survey by RIBA, over 40% of UK-based non-British EU nationals were considering leaving the country due to Brexit’s negative impact on the UK economy thus far.

If that wasn’t enough, over 65% of architects have revealed that they are concerned about Brexit’s impact on their business, with a portion of them already considering moving their work outside of the UK.

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While Brexit is still some time away, its effects have already started rippling across the architecture community. It’s important to consider what kind of impact this political change will have on your business and the professionals in your industry.

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