How Can You Achieve an Eco Home?

How Can You Achieve an Eco Home?

Fairtech Contracting Ltd is an architects in Warrington that regularly helps members of the Warrington community design homes that are eco friendly.

As society becomes more and more conscious of the impact we are having on the environment, naturally more and more home owners are choosing to factor eco friendliness into their home’s design.

But what exactly is meant by the term ‘eco home’ and how can you achieve a truly eco friendly property?

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Use Renewable Energy Sources

Now we are not suggesting you need to build a wind turbine farm in your back garden, but renewable energy sources are undoubtedly become increasingly accessible to members of the public.

In the past, only businesses and corporations with huge budgets could afford to pay for the building and set up of these types of energy resources. However, with the rise of technologies such as solar panels, renewable energy is becoming a very plausible choice for home owners.

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Fairtech Contracting is embracing the rise of technologies such as solar panels. We have designed many properties that incorporate this technology and can help you harness its eco-friendly potential.

We provide cost effective solutions to fit everyone’s needs and budget, contact us today to discuss solar panels and your property further.

Insulate Your Property Properly

Insulating your property makes sense. You have the potential to save money on the amount of energy you are using and with reduced amounts of energy such as fossil fuels being used, you are also protecting the environment.

Insulating your property may be as simple as converting your loft into an insulated space or insulating your walls. If you invest the money into paying for these additions to your home, you will see the money back and possibly even sooner than you may think.

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Water and Waste Management Systems

Something to consider when designing an eco home is the use and management of water. Many eco homes will make use of water saving measures such as low-flush plumbing and water recycling. Re-use of greywater and even the treatment of waste water in reed beds or other natural filtration systems is recommended where possible.

Some of these measures may be a little more advanced, but there are definitely ways in which you can manage the water use and waste within your home.

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