How to Achieve a Burglar Proof Home

How to Achieve a Burglar Proof Home  

Every year there are over 2 million burglaries committed nationwide. Even more recently, cases of burglaries gone bad have been televised and scrutinised due to their detrimental circumstances. Making sure your home is as safe as it possibly can is an important step to take for your family and yourself, no matter the cost.

Architects Warrington want you to be as comfortable as you possibly can in your own home – giving you four tips to make sure that your home isn’t a target for burglaries.

Watch What You Throw Away

Burglars tend to walk past properties to check out what you’ve recently thrown away – almost like window shopping in the worst way possible. If you’ve purchased anything that’s viewed as valuable, leaving the boxes outside next to your bins is the worst thing you could do as it tells the intruder what they could potentially find inside your home and will make you a potential target.

Architects Warrington suggest to cut up any boxes that you’re throwing away and put them in the recycling or your bin of choice, so it’s not as noticeable when you throw away any boxes from new appliances or gadgets.

Keep Things Hidden  

Placing items of value in plain sight of windows and doors is a definite no-no when it comes to the safety of your home. Making sure that you have thick blinds and curtains is an effective way of protecting your home from any on-lookers.

Keeping items like laptops, phones, keys and any other valuables out of plain sight and placing them in your bedroom or in safe places such as cupboards when not in use is a safer way to store your items. Keeping your items in their ‘safe place’ when you’re out is also a sensible idea.

Consider Getting a Dog  

Any animal lovers might consider getting a companion for extra back-up if there ever was to be an intruder in your home. Of course, you shouldn’t rely on a dog or any pet to be your main deterrent from burglary, but having a barking dog in your house will make anyone think twice about entering your home.

It might not be the fact that they could be attacked, but more the fact that their barking will draw attention to the burglar’s entry.

Speak to Your Architects Warrington for More Tips

If you have any more worries or concerns about the safety of your home, get in touch with Fairtech Contracting today. We are your architects Warrington and can provide you with professional advice on how to keep your home safe.