How to Plan a Family Friendly Home

How to Plan a Family Friendly Home

Planning for a new family can always be a daunting task, especially if it’s your firstborn.

Here at architects St Helens, we understand the stress of trying to accommodate for a little bundle of joy for the first time, so we’ve created 4 top tips on the most important things to include in your new family home.

Having an open planned kitchen

Having an open planned kitchen is best for it looking big and airy and therefore not as messy. Incorporating additional storage to your kitchen will also be essential for your new family home as you will be forever collecting all kinds of Tupperware, kids lunch boxes, bottles, plates and children’s cutlery.

Additional storage will help make the kitchen be more organised and a lot cleaner in turn.

Consider incorporating a ‘homework’ station

If you have a breakfast bar or are planning to include a breakfast bar in your new home, consider double purposing it as a homework station, we suggest at architecture St Helens.

This way, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your little one doing any homework they’ve brought back from school. You’ll also be able to carry on with any other kitchen work or other housework whilst they work away, like making their school lunches, put away any shopping, washing up etc.

Baby room relocation

One of the biggest challenges any new parent will face is getting their new-born to sleep. If like many, you are gifted with a light sleeper, room location is incredibly important (if anything, for your own sanity).

Making sure that you place your babies’ room in the optimum place in your house ensures that they won’t wake up to any loud, unwanted noises and start screaming the house down.

The best place in the house will be one that is free from any natural lighting, away from any main roads that might be on the front of your house or any train lines that might reside to the back of your property. If you’re building your own new home, make sure to have a walk around your area to check for any environmental issues that might affect your babies sleep.

Think About Outside

As your little one grows, so does their need for outside play and stimulation.

When thinking about an outside play area, Architects St Helens suggests to plan out your potential areas in the back garden that you can dedicate to any toys or climbing frames.

Not only does this mean that they get outside play time and some much needed Vitamin D, but it also means that you can optimise the space that you have in your garden effectively so that their play area doesn’t take up too much space of your garden.

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