How to Prevent Overheating in Your Home

How to Prevent Overheating in Your Home

It’s official – this summer has been the hottest summer in recorded UK history! Everyone felt the effects of the sudden heatwave after heatwave, and our homes became indoor saunas.

This year, Architects Widnes are going to help you keep your home cooler during the summer months. Our four top tips will help you change your home for the better when it gets way too hot to bear it. When portable fans just don’t do the trick, what else can you try?

Shades & Blinds

The use of shades and blinds during a heatwave can significantly change the temperature within your home. The likes of internal blinds are able to reduce the effects of the heat coming from the sun, along with using trees to block the suns reach to your property.

Different types of glass is also able to block out the sun and its harsh warmth during the hotter times of the year. Thermochromic and photochromic glass are able to stop certain amounts of light and heat entering the indoor space.

Wall & Roof Insulation

The insulation located in your roof and walls may be an additional issue to overheating your home. Replacing this with a more lightweight option could be helpful in allowing your home to become a cooler space.

The use of reflective membranes and other such materials will be able to help keep your home cooler during the summer, but warmer during the winter.

Allow the House to Cool

Opening one window isn’t the best and most effective way to let in the air during a heatwave. Try opening two windows in the same room to allow proper ventilation to the area. This may improve the overall temperature of that room, however, during an extremely warm summer, this may not be enough.

Try using a load of fans throughout the day to keep each room cool and keeping yourself hydrated through particularly warm days. Architects Widnes like to advise this step for those who may not be able to partake in other options, as it is easily accessible to everyone.

Air Con Systems

A permanent solution to this issue is to invest in a good air conditioning system in your home. Of course, this might not be an option for many, due to it being a pricey option. However, if you have the money to spend then investing in an air conditioning system for your home is the best way to combat our ridiculous heatwaves each year.

Architects Widnes advise researching different air conditioning systems before choosing the best for your home, is an abundance of different options to choose from on the market in this country.

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