How to Save Money on Your Brand New Extension

How to Save Money on Your Brand New Extension

Fairtech Contracting Ltd is your local architects Warrington. Based in Cheshire, we have been helping members of the community achieve their dream homes through our services in architectural design and extension plans for several years.

Many people choose not to improve their home with an extension due to the worry it may cost too much to do so. While extending your home is never usually a cheap process, there are definitely ways to save money and leave your pockets a little fuller.

Read Fairtech Contracting Ltd’s latest blog post find out how you can save money when designing and building your brand new extension.

Keep The Design Simple

If you ask this architects Warrington, never has there been a truer phrase than ‘less is more’. This is most definitely the case when it comes to extending your home.

Keeping your extension design ideas simple in nature will deliver the best results and protect your pocket in the process.

If you live in a period property, you may well find that your choices when it comes to extensions are limited anyway, but we recommend using simple ready made features rather than made to fit features.

This way you will save yourself money and time!

Save on Valued Added Tax

Many extensions will carry with them a 20% VAT bill which will apply to all of the labour and materials. However, if you used self employed tradespeople, you can save on the VAT bill if they earn under the threshold.

Also any sort of second hand materials that you can track down will already have the VAT paid for, try to pick some up on the internet to use in your build.

Speak to your architects Warrington about how you can save on VAT with your extension.

Avoid Cowboy Builders at All Costs

Now we know that this one is easier said than done as cowboy builders are essentially con men and skilled at duping people. However, if you speak to an architects Warrington such as Fairtech Contracting, we will be able to recommend credible workers that are not out to rip you off but rather provide a great service.

Negotiate for Trade Prices

It’s no secret that those in the trade get discounted prices from wholesalers and suppliers of building materials. It is however, not known that these types of prices are actually significantly less than prices for the public.

Negotiating and achieving the trade price can be difficult, if you speak to your architects Warrington- Fairtech Contracting Ltd, we can help you source materials for the best price at trade standards.

Contact Your Architects Warrington Today for Help Designing Your Extension

There are many ways to save when it comes to designing extensions, speak to your architects Warrington for further insider tips and tricks to save more.

We provide extension plans amongst other services such as civil engineer design and sitework and will be able to help you achieve your dream property.