How to Save Money on Your Extension

How to Save Money on Your Extension

Many home owners consider adding an extension to their homes at some point or another, but will sometimes think otherwise due to the costs. However, there is a way to make your extension dreams all come true!

That’s right, architects Warrington have figured out the best ways to scrimp and save for your dream extension, and are going to share them with you.

Keep The Design Simple

Having an elaborate and innovative design is of course, an amazing addition to any home. However, it’s also costing you a fortune for all the curves and corners. Stick to a simpler design to fully save those pennies, and you’ll reap the benefits.

Any bespoke products that you’re maybe thinking of ordering could maybe be put on hold if you’re wanting to save some money. Instead, choose materials and products that are readily available and easy to use.

Find a Reliable Builder

Unfortunately, there are tonnes of builders out there that will purposely underestimate the costs of your build simply to gain the job, and will then charge you more further down the line. Either way, you need to avoid builders that might do this as it will save you money in the future, and will prevent any arguments that would inevitably happen further into the build.

To save you hassle and stress, architects Warrington suggest a number of ways in order to make sure you’re not being duped. Firstly, make sure they have references, and check them. Making sure that others have used their services before and it turned out great is great as it gives you a first-hand example of when they’ve been successful, rather than just taking their word for it. Secondly, never pay for a job in advance, only pay after the build is finished and you’re completely happy with it. This will help reduce the possibility of running into any dodgy builders.

Consider Going DIY  

Taking matters into your own hands is an extremely effective way to save yourself some money. Easier tasks to take on yourself can include anything from general labour like decorating and landscaping and any other second trade fixes such as bathroom fittings and skirting boards.

However, taking on work that you obviously don’t have the skills for will be detrimental to the over-all build, so getting in a professional is the best choice for you even if it does cost a bit more.

Talk to Your Neighbours

If your extension build is near or on any neighbours’ boundaries, your extension will need to comply with party wall act. If a party wall settlement is required, it will cost around £700 per neighbour. You also must inform your neighbours in writing about your extension plans around eight weeks prior to the start of your project.

It pays to keep your neighbours in the loop and on board with your project, discussing the plans you have and being considerate and accommodating to any concerns they might have.

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