London Wins Big at 2018 National Architecture Awards

London Wins Big at 2018 National Architecture Awards

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) 2018 national awards for architecture were announced this month, with unfortunately no architects Warrington amongst the 49 winners. On the other hand, the city of London features 26 of the 49 winners, including gorgeous buildings like the Shaftesbury Theatre and the new Bloomberg headquarters.

Keep reading for an overview of the winners of this year’s RIBA awards, with a breakdown of our favourite winning designs.

Inspiring Architects of the Future

The RIBA national awards for architecture are a celebration of the UK’s architects Warrington and their craftsmanship present across the nation. It’s important that youth across the United Kingdom not only be aware of the awards but especially get an opportunity to see these beautiful buildings and memorials that are all around them.

If you’re interested in the full list of winners, be sure to visit the RIBA website. The RIBA website has a gorgeous gallery of all the winners, with dedicated write-ups for each of the winning pieces of architecture.

Three Thrilling Theatres

Amongst the various winners were three special theatres, each one with a distinctive difference that sets it apart as an architectural marvel. Cheshire’s The Storyhouse theatre celebrates an overlapping of two public buildings, a theatre and a library. With an emphasis on connected spaces moving from intimate to grand and theatrical, The Storyhouse stands as a mix between old and new traditions within Cheshire.

Liverpool’s The Royal Court and London’s Shaftesbury theatre are also celebrated as winners, with these other two buildings standing as marvellous achievements in the theatrical space according to architects Warrington.

Bloomberg HQ Building Does the Architectural Impossible

If someone told you to create a building that would house over 4,000 employees, you would scoff at them before telling them it’s an impossible job. Well, not only was the impossible task accomplished, but it was done in grand and elegant style according to architects Warrington. Occupying a whole block within the city of London, this building incorporates an externally covered walkway all around the perimeter.

If you consider that in the construction of this building a new street was created, splitting the building into two blocks connected by bridges, this new headquarters is an awe-inspiring feat of architecture and engineering.

Bethnal Green Memorial is Commemorated

Also amongst the winners was is the Bethnal Green Memorial, created by Arboreal Architecture. This memorial was made to remember one of the worst civilian disasters in modern British history that occurred on March 3rd, 1943, when the stairway of the Bethnal Green station collapsed causing the death of 173 civilians.

The memorial is a gorgeous inversion of the stairwell’s negative space, made of sustainably sourced solid teak and polished concrete plinth to support it.

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These are just a few of the 49 winners of the RIBA 2018 national architecture awards, and while architects Warrington aren’t quite on the list just yet, they will be soon. Each one of the 49 winners deserves attention, so we recommend you check out the RIBA website where you can find the full list of winners with gorgeous images and complete descriptions about each project.

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