Maintaining, Restoring and Repairing Older Buildings What You Need to Know

Maintaining, Restoring and Repairing Older Buildings What You Need to Know

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Something that is becoming more and more popular in the UK is the restoration of older buildings by updating them for modern living.

However, just because this type of building work is popular, does not mean that it is an easy feat.

Read Fairtech Contracting Ltd.’s latest blog to find out what you need to know about the maintenance and repair of older buildings in the UK.

What is Building Maintenance?

Maintenance is the routine work that is necessary in order to keep a building looking optimal. It is to ensure that the fabric and foundations within a building remain in the best order and to protect the building’s structural integrity.

By maintaining, you can limit deterioration in a building and remedy problems that the building may currently be facing.

If you spend money maintaining and remedying small problems, you can avoid the often costly bigger problems further down the line, thus making maintenance a cost-effective action.

Speak to your architects in Warrington about building maintenance for older buildings in the UK.

What is Restoration Work? 

Restoration work is the practice of returning a building to its original state. The Historic England’s Conservation Principles defines restoration as ‘returning a building to a known earlier state, on the basis of compelling evidence, without conjecture’.

The difference between repair and restoration work can sometimes be blurred when it comes to the architectural components of a building.

You may find yourself mainly doing repair work when restoring a building but you will be repairing the original components of your building.

Fairtech Contracting your architects in Warrington have been helping building owners restore their buildings to their original state, get in touch for advice about how we can help you too. 

What is Repair Work?

Repair work consists of only fixing what is damaged with a building. This may mean structure, infrastructure or aesthetic design.

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Planning Permission in the UK 

Planning permission surrounding the restoration of buildings can differ greatly, some of the factors that will determine whether you project needs planning permission include the site being a listed building or site of historic importance.

You will often need to prove that the building will be restore to close or its entire state to obtain planning permission in the UK.

You first need to submit a proposal to the relevant authorities and wait to hear if your project gets the go ahead.

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