Most Common Architectural Mistakes

Most Common Architectural Mistakes

Being an architect might seem easy, but architects Wigan know that it takes time and experience to design and create a building successfully.

Knowing the most common architectural mistakes to avoid will help any budding architect understand what not to do when designing and creating any future project.

Bad Communication

It can be common to assume that a bad design relates to the architect themselves when in reality it’s most likely to be a creation that a client didn’t want or ask for.

Bad communication from both sides of the production can be the main contributing factors to why the project can go south. Effectively explaining to your client your plans and methods into the project is a skill any architect worth his salt will want to hone and is imperative for any project to go ahead smoothly and without any faults or miscommunications.

Lack of Communication within the project  

The best types of architects are ones that can take control of a project and keep it all on track from start to end. Architects Wigan know that it’s easy to try and accommodate client requests and end up incorporating unrealistic schedules and goals. This can then lead to rushing the project which is when mistakes are made.

Architects also need to be able to work with other people and in a team on their projects such as contractors and make sure that everyone understands the plans that have been written up in order for everything to run smoothly.

Staying with Initial Ideas

When discussing with clients the details of what they want out of their project and from you, it’s easy to stick with all your initial plans and not deviate from them. However, plans can change if things don’t quite go to plan and the best way to go from there is to tweak and make changes to your initial plans.

A mistake that some architects can make is to never go off plan in vain of trying to please your client. Where this is the truth, not letting an idea evolve as you go along is a mistake in itself.

Keep realistic with your time frame

Everyone is competing for the best builders, so don’t expect your plans and permits to be signed off and ready to go straight away.

Plans to get your project from paper to construction can sometimes take as long as 3 months to get into action.

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