Most Popular Architectural Trends in 2018

Most Popular Architectural Trends in 2018

Trends in architecture is a common occurrence, resulting in the revelation of certain needs within buildings and houses. Many trends have appeared throughout 2018, from millennial influences to starchitecture, and they’ve all had their influence on current architecture.

Architects Warrington have been keeping a careful eye on current trends within the architectural industry and have carefully curated a list of the top four trends of 2018. Let’s take a look…

The Use of Space

One trend that has become increasingly popular over the last year or so is the decrease of space within modern homes. You’re more often to see smart spaces that utilise their full potential these days, rather than huge, spacious rooms.

With homeware giants such as IKEA leading this new revolution, providing everyone with smart, space-conscious furniture, it’s no wonder that real-life versions are being added to your home during a renovation or new-build. Miniature homes are also becoming increasingly popular, leading many to become self-aware of how they could use their home to become eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Eco-Friendly Options

The development of eco-friendly options has also steadily increased over the last five or so years, with architects everywhere incorporating eco-friendly options into their designs. Making efficient changes to your lifestyle has become more and more apparent and popular as the year continues, and Architects Warrington are loving it.

The increasing amount of roof gardens have appeared, along with vertical gardens. More and more home-owners are deciding to grow their own food in their own gardens, making the need for eco-friendly home options increase as people become more aware of their carbon footprint.


One of the most popular trends in 2018 within architecture is the creation of Starchitecture. This is where ‘stars’ of architecture create modern and innovative designs, created to wow and dazzle. These designs have made a big impact in architectural trends, inspiring architects all over the world. 

Bringing the inside, outside

A new trend that’s become increasingly popular over the last few years is building outside areas that contain typically indoor features. The likes of kitchens, living rooms and other social areas have started appearing outside, as well as inside. More expensive houses usually home these kinds of features, with the likes of the Kardashians making them trend worldwide.

These social areas are a great way of bringing family and friends closer, especially in homes overseas in the California and Hollywood areas.

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