Must Have Features for Today’s Home Buyers

Must Have Features for Today’s Home Buyers

Fairtech Contracting is an architects Widnes that has been helping members of the community achieve their dream home for a number of years now. Whether you are looking to adapt your current home or build an entirely new building- we can help.

If you eventually decide to sell your home, you will be entering a competitive market place as you try to get the best possible price for your home.

This will mean you need to compete with other properties being marketed at that point, so it is essential your home has the features of a sellable home.

But what are these features you should keep in mind?

Low Maintenance Surfaces

Whether it be floor surfaces, worktops or any other type of surface, investing in low maintenance work tops is a great idea. The reason for this being, surfaces such as granite, quartz and corian are hugely durable, easy to clean and will stand the test of time.

Large Open Kitchens

One of the biggest selling points when it comes to homes is the kitchen. The kitchen has now become the living room as many people who choose to entertain from home rather than going out- cook and prepare food for friends and family.

Investing in a great kitchen can often be the factor that gives you an edge in the marketplace.

Speak to your architects Widnes about how you can include a large open kitchen within your home.

More Than One Bathroom

This one may sound obvious, but having an extra bathroom or toilet within your home can actually significantly improve the value of your home.

A lot of buyers when looking for a home nowadays look for properties within more than one bathroom and several bedrooms. Having more can actually give the illusion of your home being bigger in size.

Speak to your architects Widnes today for help and advice.

Insulation Within the Home  

Whether it be cavity wall insulation or loft insulation, already having this form of energy saving addition to your home can be a big bonus for buyers that can spark their interest.

These are not actually that expensive with several councils and authorities actually offering them for free.

Location, Location, Location

 Location really is everything. Before you agree to buy a home or in some cases build a home, you need to ensure that the location is desirable.

The type of locations that are valuable include places near to schools, suburbs and much more.

Before investing any of your money into buying or building, make sure you know the value of the area. You can speak to your architects Widnes– Fairtech if you are not sure whether a certain location will yield a good return on investment.

Speak to Your Architects Widnes Today 

If you want to build a valuable home, speak to your architects Widnes today. Fairtech Contracting design and build high quality homes and can help you ensure a high return on investment should you ever choose to sell your home.