Open-Plan or Closed Plan? Your Priorities Matter

Open-Plan or Closed Plan? Your Priorities Matter

An open-plan home has few or zero wall partitions. A closed plan comprises of individual rooms with dedicated space for each area.

Seeking the opinion of an experienced design consultancy service or construction company North West can help you choose the best design for your living space.

Meanwhile, here are some things to consider when choosing between an open and closed plan.

Home Area

Space is a key consideration. A smaller home can benefit from an open plan as it will make the home appear larger.


Do you host a boisterous family gathering often or are you more private? If family gatherings are frequent, an open design is perfect. If you are a strict “me-time” lover, a separate room with walls and doors is what you need.

Your likes and dislikes too play a crucial role. If you are not the type who likes to cook and dine in the same room, a closed plan is best.

If you are an art lover, walls give you precious space to display your favourite works, which means a closed design would work.

Personalisation Vs Operating Space

Separate rooms let you customise each space. You can get creative and dress each room to reflect your style and personality.

With open spaces, functionality takes an upper hand. It is more about creating extra space to accommodate your needs. Opportunities for personalisation are, therefore, limited. But, an open design can raise the value of your property.

Realise that a Hybrid is Possible

It doesn’t strictly have to be either a closed or open design. You can always go for a combination design depending on the space available. For example, a large living area could do with small separate rooms. If there are unused rooms, you could consider converting them into open living spaces.

An expert construction company North West specialising in design consultancy can deliver a hybrid design to where open and closed plans co-exist seamlessly without disturbing the beauty of your home.

Be sure to hire an experienced construction company North West for a design that you’ll love. Professional will listen to your needs and come up with creative designs that satisfy your aesthetic, budgetary and lifestyle needs.

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