Pet Friendly Interior Tips for Your Home

Pet Friendly Interior Tips for Your Home

Man’s best friend is called just that for a reason, because they’re our best friends. But our furry companions need extra care and attention, and accommodating for them in your home is important to make your little pal feel at home.

Architects in Warrington are giving you 4 top tips on how to properly prepare your home for your little furry friend.

Think First About Furniture

Thinking first about the furniture you choose is an important step to take when thinking of ways to accommodate your pet. Wooden furniture is just giving them an open invitation to use it as a scratching post, so choosing which furniture is best to deter any messes or demolition is the first step to owning your pet.

Fabrics that attract pet hair, such as mohair, velvet and corduroy are ones to avoid when picking out furniture, and instead opting for smoother tapestries like leather and synthetic fibres. Choosing these alternatives will save you time and effort trying to prize the pet fur off from your furniture 24/7.

Easy Clean Floors

Muddy, rainy days will be the bane of your existence if you have carpets or floors that aren’t easily cleaned. Opting for a long-lasting floor throughout your home such as laminate floors, stone or ceramic tiles are the ones to pick. Gone are the days where you have to stop your furry friend entering rooms that you actually want them to be in, but can’t because you have white carpeting.

Harder, easily cleaned floors will be a life saver when your pet is just a couple of months old and is still trying to get a hang of the whole toilet training thing…

Don’t Forget About the Walls!

Make sure you don’t forget about your walls. Cleaning a wall could be a silly and time-wasting activity, and one you could have easily avoided if you picked appropriate walling. Avoid walling that is highly textured for rooms where your pet has full reign, and leave the extra touch for your upstairs bedrooms.

Instead, architects in Warrington suggest opting for satin or a semi-gloss paint, which repels fur and helps keeping your walls looking squeaky clean.

Create Your Own Mudroom

Coming home from a wet and muddy walk, to your white crisp home is enough to make any home owner cringe. They shake their furry bodies, sending mud and dirty water everywhere and that’s your walls ruined. Consider adding a mudroom to your home, perhaps in-between two doors at the front of the house, giving you the perfect area to clean off your pet in an easily cleaned environment.

If you have a bit more money to spend, perhaps thinking about adding a room to your house specifically made for you to properly clean off your messy pet, such as a utility with a sink, isn’t such a bad idea. Keep these in mind, especially for the next time you take your adventurous pal out on a walk and they decide to jump in all the mud and water.

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