Planning Your Extension- What You Need to Know

Planning Your Extension- What You Need to Know

Fairtech Contracting are an architects Warrington company that help and advise members of the public and private sector regarding extension, civil engineering and many other construction and design related projects.

We know better than anyone that when it comes to planning for a project, arming yourself with as much information as possible before beginning a project is key to ensuring its success.

So what do you need to know before you begin drafting blue prints for your new extension?

What’s Your Budget?

Possibly the most important part of any project Is budgeting it properly. Before any design or preparation begins it is imperative that you decide on what your budget for the project will be. You need to let your architects Warrington know your budget so that they can work within it.

How many times have you watched an episode of Grand Designs or DIY SOS, seen a couple build or revamp an impressive structure only to find out that they were £50,000 over budget?

Not the kind of nasty surprise you want to be hit with after managing to achieve your dream home right? Decide your budget beforehand so that you and the help you enlist can remain within it.

It is easy to let costs creep in and if the help you have chosen does not factor VAT in, then you need to account for it.

Creating more space at home may be more affordable than you think

What Do You Want to Achieve with Your Property Extension?

Are you looking for a new living area that your family can enjoy together? Or an extra bedroom for a new addition to the family? Or perhaps your home office?

Whatever you want to use the extension for and what you want to do in it will determine the kind of alteration you will make to your home. Let the architects Warrington your working with know prior to the design process and they can help.

How Long Will It Take?

House extensions do not happen overnight, from the design process to attaining the required level of planning permission- it can be a lengthy process sometimes taking months.

You need to account for all of this time and ultimately show a little patient where needed. You need to understand that an extension can disrupt your home life and any periods where you will want full use of your home such as Christmas, birthdays need to accounted for as builders may be within your home at these times.

Once you have decided the best time window, you can contact your architects Warrington and allow for the extension to be built.

Consider If the Building Will Impact Your Neighbours

If builders or contractors are going to be present and working within your home for a prolonged amount of time, you need to consider the impact it could have on your neighbours.

They might not be happy with loud building work at certain times of the day if they work nights or have young children. Run it by them first to mitigate disruption to their life.

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