The smallest of jobs can provide the greatest peace of mind


The Smallest Of Jobs Can Provide The Greatest Peace Of Mind

Client: Homeowner couple                             Date completed: July 2017

Location: Wilmslow

What needed to be done:

Fairtech were contacted by a couple in Wilmslow, Cheshire, after they had experienced problems with intruders to their property.  In an effort to boost security they sought to increase the height of the boundary fence around their home to act as a deterrent to any would-be burglars. This would involve a fence planning application to be made.

What we did:

The solution: fencing to stand at 2.4 metres high around the property.

The obstacle: boundary fences over two metres high require planning permission from the local council.

The planning process

The couple approached the Fairtech team for assistance with the planning permission process. Although they had already submitted a planning application to Cheshire East council, architectural drawings were required to further support their application.

As part of our range of architectural services, we provide clear and accurate architectural drawings to support planning permission applications with an outstanding success rate for approval.

In order to complete the drawings, it was necessary to complete a site survey of the property and the surrounding area. Our thorough approach to each survey allows us to take multiple technical and design factors into consideration before producing a drawn plan. On this occasion, it was revealed that neighbouring properties had also upgraded their boundary fences; this insight enabled us to create sympathetic designs for the proposed boundary fence that were in-line with the features of the local surroundings, and most likely to meet the approval of the council.

Fast, effective, and efficient

The survey process also allowed for the completion of detailed elevation drawings. Preparing such drawings in advance is an ideal way to save time, prevent delay and help manage costs, meaning that the builder or landscaper can commence erecting the fence immediately, as soon as planning application is approved.

Within just two weeks of the initial contact, the Fairtech team had given professional advice, conducted and completed a full measured site survey, and had produced a finalised plan.

The plan was accepted by the council on its first submission.

Quality and expertise

Regardless of the size, each individual project benefits from our experience and knowledge. Being aware of each stage of the process from planning through to construction, allows us to meet the needs of our clients whilst anticipating legal requirements, potential challenges of building regulations and each stage of the build itself.


Our personalised, great value service, allows us to offer consistent attention to detail, resulting in highly satisfied customer feedback like this:

“Clear and concise on what could be provided and what the price was. Whilst it was more than I expected, it was in line with other quotes. Drawings were highly professional and have been accepted by the planning department as sufficient. Result!”

Simon M

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