How SuDS Can Help Fight Flooding

How SuDS Can Help Fight Flooding

Rise in urban population has affected surface water drainage systems and their capacity to manage heavy water inflow during rains and storms. The ability of the soil to absorb surplus water comes down as ground spaces are used to meet growing infrastructure demands of urbanisation.

Unmanaged surplus water leads to flooding.

A better way to manage drainage systems and prevent flooding is to adopt the approach of sustainable drainage systems or SuDS. With expert builders for extensions in North West, you can have an efficient SuDS system incorporated into your building designs.

Here are some ways in which SuDS designed by professional builders extensions North West can help prevent floods.

Reduces Run-Off Flow

Excessive usage of a land for infrastructural reasons increases run-off – water that flows into rivers and other water channels. This run-off can result in flooding. Uncontrolled run-off can also make conditions worse.

SuDS prevents run-off flooding by slowing it down.

A good SuDS design makes use of nature including plants and vegetation, and natural water storage mediums to slow down and transport run-off.

Be sure to expert builders extensions North West to design your drainage system. The experts can help choose the right balance of components for a SuDS system and achieve the desired results depending on the geography of your locality.

Control Run-Off at Source

This is another SuDS technique to reduce run-off flow frequency, volume and speed. An SuDS is designed to take control of run-off at its point of origin, that is, as the rain falls.

Sub-catchments are constructed nearby to deal with rainwater as it falls, depending on the volume of rainfall at each spot. Therefore, several small sub-catchments may appear at locations that receive heavy rainfall while areas with lesser droplets feature fewer catchment areas.

Sometimes, hierarchical layers of catchment areas may be designed to capture and control daily rains while a larger catchment handles heavy infrequent pour.

Climatic changes across the UK are estimated to bring in wetter winters featuring heavier rainfalls. Extreme weather conditions including heavy downpours will also not be uncommon.

Given these predictions, it is wiser and safer to embrace SuDS. Cheshire-based Fairtech Contracting Ltd can provide you with efficient and reliable SuDS solutions. As experienced builders extensions North West, we handle drainage design projects of any scale for homeowners, contractors and architects.

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