The Benefits of a Roof Garden

The Benefits of a Roof Garden

Planting gardens on rooftops have become incredibly popular over the last couple of years. They look great, and they have tonnes of added benefits!

Architects in Warrington love a good trend, and rooftop gardens are one trend that they particularly enjoy. But what makes a rooftop garden so great? And what are the benefits? Let’s find out.

Improves Air Quality

It’s no secret that air pollution in built-up cities and towns is a serious issue, but the use of rooftop gardens is able to improve this. For example, rooftop gardens are able to reduce and filter the polluted air particles through their act of photosynthesis.

Rooftop gardens can also decrease the amount of distribution of dust in the air which can lead to decreasing greenhouse emissions in built-up areas. Obviously, one garden might not make a whole lot of difference when battling against greenhouse gases and general pollution, but as the years go on and more rooftop gardens appear, the less pollution there seems to be.

Increases Happiness

Rooftop gardens have been proved to increase the level of happiness wherever they are placed. Rooftop gardens provide a nice escape to nature for anyone who visits. A tranquil and relaxing space doesn’t sound too bad!

Less stress also means happier and more comfortable employees, meaning that they work harder in areas where a rooftop garden is located.

Energy Efficient  

Having a rooftop garden is also incredibly energy efficient. They’re incredibly insulating, making it the perfect option for retaining heat in the winter and keeping things cooler in the summer. This also means that less air conditioning is used during each season, keeping your carbon footprint down.

Because you’re reducing the use of heating and air con during each season, it means that you’ll save money! Architects in Warrington also add that this is one of the best reasons to create a roof-top garden, as it is so energy efficient.

It Looks Great!

Built-up, concrete cities tend to look grey and depressing. Adding beautiful greenery to the rooftops of buildings increases their aesthetic, adding to the skyline and creating an incredible view.

Rooftop gardens and cinemas have become incredibly popular, with hundreds and thousands of people visiting them every year. These alternative uses to buildings makes for a better community and giving everyone in that area an exciting new place to visit with their friends!

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Keeping up with current architecture trends is what we at Fairtech enjoy most! Any way to add positively to the environment is a big bonus in our eyes, and rooftop gardens are a great addition to any home or building.

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