The Process of Planning Your Extension

The Process of Planning Your Extension

Building an extension may come across as being an exciting and fun time. However, it can actually be quite the opposite, especially if you’ve never had an extension before and you’ve no idea what to expect.

Architects Warrington knows that the process of planning an extension can be a confusing and frustrating time in any homeowner’s life, but also understands the process of what to expect when building your new extension. It’s time to pick our brains and let us explain what you should expect when planning your new extension.

Things to Consider

Before planning your extension, there are a few things you need to consider. For example, have you considered whether your extension is adding value to your property? Or have you explored options that could add value to your extension?

Adding extensions such as kitchens or bedrooms add a great amount of value to your home, especially if you have a complete remodel too. You should also consider how much money you’re willing to spend during your build and setting yourself a budget – unless money isn’t an object.

Planning Permission

Another obstacle you have to face when planning your extension is planning permission. Some extensions don’t need planning permission, as long as it adheres to specific requirements. For example, if your house is a single story, you can extend it to the rear by 8m – if it’s a double storey, it is 3m.

Other conditions include if your extension is more than half the area of land around the original property, you need to get planning permission.


Before you start any project, you need to contact your insurance provider to let them know of your plans. This new build is likely to increase the rebuild cost of your home, meaning insurance companies will take this into account when pricing your premium.

Your insurance company will then let you know if your current policy is able to cover the extension. However, you may find that your premiums increase and if you decide to change providers, you need to do so before the cover is cancelled.


Planning an extension means contacting your neighbours to find out if they allow the plans to be put into action. If you require planning permission, your neighbours will be contacted by the local planning authority. However, it’s best to let them know of your plans first, before the local authority informs them via letter.

Many major disputes between neighbours can be pinpointed to an extension argument, so if you can avoid any disagreements, then it’s best to try your best.

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