Top Tips for choosing an Architect for Your Project

Top Tips for choosing an Architect for Your Project  

Fairtech Contracting is an Architects in Warrington that provides a variety of different services including architectural design, civil engineering design and site work.

Choosing an architect can be difficult as most members of the public have not actually worked first hand with an architect before.

To help you guys and ensure that you get the right architect or firm for the job, we have put together this blog of key attributes and characteristics to look out for when searching for an architect.

So, what do you need to be keeping your eye out for?

Ask to See Recent Projects and Completed Work

Any successful architect will have a portfolio or catalogue of completed work. Ask to see some of their completed work for reference and to gauge the quality of the workmanship.

Asking to see recent work will give you an even more accurate representation of their current quality and standard of work as architects like any traders can fluctuate in quality.

Take a Look at Fairtech’s Recent Work

You can easily take a look at the recent work of your architects in Warrington- Fairtech. Some projects that we have completed are available on our website under the section ‘Our Work’ head over to take a look.

If you would like to see any further work that we have completed- just ask! We would be happy to show you more.

Check What Services They Can Offer You

 Before you engage in any work with an architects in Warrington, you need to first check what services they offer and what specialities they have.

For example, if you require advanced infrastructure design, some architects may not be able to provide the level of insight and service you require.

Fairtech Contracting provide a wide range of services such as architectural design, site work, civil engineering design and much more.

Feel free to ask us about any project that you have in mind, our experts are friendly and love talking shop!

Check Whether They Are in Your Budget

Before you agree to work with any architecture firm, it is hugely important that you make sure your budget can stretch to accommodate their rates.

If you have a limited budget, make sure that you fully understand the rate at which you will be charge by the architect in question so that you do not end up with any unexpected or underestimated expenses.

Cost Effective Architects in Warrington

Fairtech Contracting is a cost effective service that focuses on bringing clients value for money, with every penny counting.

Before you agree to work with Fairtech, we will fully explain the rates that we work at and only progress forward when you are entirely comfortable.

Speak to Your Architects in Warrington Today

For friendly and effective architects in Warrington, speak to Fairtech Contracting today. Our team can provide you with a variety of services including architecture design, site work, extension plans- all for a cost effective price.