Top tips for Gaining Planning Permission for Your Future Home

Top tips for Gaining Planning Permission for Your Future Home

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One of the biggest problems that stands in many property developers way is planning permission.

In the UK, before you can begin building your own property, you need to submit planning permission to the planning authority for approval.

However, it is not always easy ensuring that your proposed build falls within the parameters of planning permission law and so we put together this blog of top tips to help you in your application process.                     

Just Because Someone Else Has It Doesn’t Mean You Necessarily Can Too

So you have seen a house in your neighbourhood with an extension that you like, it’s a bit outlandish but because they have already had it approved you should have no problem right?

Wrong, just because someone else has managed to get planning permission for their building, does not necessarily mean you are guaranteed to be approved.

Different houses are made up of a variety of different components that all greatly impact the ability to attain planning permission, there are also environmental factors that have to be taken into concern.

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Provide all the Relevant Documentation

Making sure that you have all the information relating to your build is essential to your planning proposal. Without it, there is no chance that your build will be granted permission.

It also helps to have all the information in easy to read documents.

This information should relate to all the specifications of your intended build, including design drawings, measurements etc.

As an architects Wigan, we always provide our clients with full documentation of their intended build to help them with the planning permission process.

Get to Know the Local Policy  

Policies for planning permission differ greatly from area to area. Some places will demand you to be more in keeping with the local aesthetic, whereas others will not mind you taking your own direction with your home.

The best way to understand what will be expected of your property is to first look at the local area and the properties that populate it and speak to the local authority.

They may well be able to give you advice on what type of properties gain planning permission easily.

Speak to an Architects Wigan About Planning Permission  

Speaking to an architects Wigan such as Fairtech Contracting can greatly improve your chances of achieving planning permission. We have been helping property owners and investors for a number of years and understand the planning permission process better than most.

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