Understanding the Basics of Sustainable Architecture

Understanding the Basics of Sustainable Architecture

As the summer heat continues to break records, architects Wigan have begun to think about ways to help reduce our impact on the surrounding environment. One of the ways in which architects can do this is by exploring new avenues offered by sustainable architecture.

Sustainable architecture is the design and creation of a building that doesn’t have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. In this post, we explore the basic ideas of sustainable architecture and how architects Wigan manage to design sustainable buildings.

What is Sustainable Architecture?

From promoting sustainability, incorporating nature into design, and using recycled building materials, Sustainable architecture is a necessary exploration if we plan on reducing our carbon footprint, and the negative effects we have on the environment. This idea of sustainability in design is based around ensuring we leave behind a greener planet for the generations to come after us.

Architects Wigan generally pursue sustainable architecture by improving heating and cooling systems, incorporating renewable energy generation and using sustainable building materials.

Optimising Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

Architects Wigan know that everything from the height of a room to the orientation of the windows affects heating, ventilation and air conditioning within that space. Sustainable architecture looks to use these manipulatable factors to increase the efficiency and decrease the lost energy of these systems.

Architects Wigan have been looking at methods like passive solar building design which harness the sun’s heat with high thermal mass materials hold onto heat effectively. When paired with a well-built insulation system, one can design a house which is much more energy efficient.  

Generating Renewable Energy with Self-Sustainable Buildings

While things like passive solar building design look to minimise the amount of energy lost, they still don’t solve our critical energy crisis of being dependent on non-renewable forms of energy. This is why architects Wigan have been incorporating renewable energy generation devices like solar panels into designs for sustainable homes.

From installing photovoltaic solar panels on a building’s roof to including solar water heating for the domestic hot water supply, architects Wigan have been looking at how they can include renewable energy generation in the design of a sustainable building.

Making the Most of Sustainable Building Materials

Many architects Wigan have also started using second-hand or recycled building materials, helping cut down on the fabrication of materials. From using reclaimed lumber or recycled copper to naturally sustainable materials like fast-growing bamboo or baked earth, these can cut down industry costs and waste production, making for a more sustainable building process.

As the call for sustainable materials has grown in popularity, architects Wigan are discovering new benefits of sustainable materials, like bamboo’s incredibly light weight but strong resilience.

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Not only is sustainable architecture an important part of preserving the planet, living in a more sustainable and ecologically-minded building has been proven to provide a better quality of life. Investing in sustainable architecture is the first step towards leaving a better future for the generations after us.

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