What Are Our Steps to Designing an Extension?

What Are Our Steps to Designing an Extension?

Fairtech Contracting Ltd is an architects Warrington that has been providing extension plans amongst other design and construction services for several years now.

When a customer comes to our frim in need of an extension, we have a simple step by step process that ensures they receive the best possible extension and for the fairest price.

So that you know our entire process and how we can help you design your dream extension, we have put together this blog.

The Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is the time when together we discuss exactly what you want to get from the project. What type of extension you require, your available budget and what timescale you need it completing in are just some of the things that will be discussed before the team move forward with designing your extension design.

This is the part of the design process where your architects Warrington will let you know their intentions for the extension designs.

Floor Plans

After we have agreed on the proposed design, we will then produce floor plans, elevations and cross sections in line with the requirements of the local planning authority and planning permission regulations.

We will then submit these drawings and specifications for you to the online portal for the building authority to reviews. This usually takes 5-8 weeks.

The Structural Engineer Designs Structural Elements  

If the structural engineer needs to provide any structural elements to the plan, this is the point where they will do so.

They will add logistical elements to your plan which will be required by the planning authority.

Work On your Site May Begin  

Once all of the building proposals have been reviewed and accepted, work on your property may begin.

We will provide continued support throughout your build and should you run into any bumps in the road and need any help redesigning your extension, we are always here to help.

Speak to your architects Warrington about sourcing reliable construction workers for your extension.

Why Choose an Architects Warrington for Your Extension Plans? 

You may think that your extension plans do not need to be designed by a professional architects Warrington but you are wrong.

If you simply use a construction company and allow them to design and build your extension, you have no way to quality control the work that they do.

If you hire a professional and trusted architecture service such as Fairtech contracting, we will provide you with tight specifications and if they are not met, you will know the work is of a poor quality. 

Contact Your Architects Warrington Today 

If you need an extension building on to your home, get in touch with your architects Warrington- Fairtech Contracting today.

We provide cost-effective extensions, civil engineering design projects, site work and much more.

Give us a call today for a friendly chat and to request a no-obligation quote for our extension services.