What Are the Different Types of Paving Materials?

What Are the Different Types of Paving Materials?

Paving is an architectural benefit to any home or property, adding that finishing touch that can complete the overall aesthetic to your build. There are many different options when choosing your paving material, all with their own set of benefits. But what are your options?

Architects in Warrington, Fairtech Contracting, understand that it can be an added extra stress when choosing your paving material during a build, especially if you’re not sure which will add to the aesthetic of the property or which have the best properties to best suit your needs. That’s why we’re giving you 4 most common paving options, and their benefits, all in this blog!


Concrete is your standard paving material, perfect for when you want a material that is incredibly low maintenance and extremely cost effective. You can also find these materials in a large variety of textures, patterns and colours which is perfect for matching the material to your build.

Because concrete is most commonly found, it makes it cheaper to get a hold of and to utilise within your build.


Brick is another popular paving material that is often used within pavement and driveways across the globe. Brick offers a naturally slip-resistant texture, perfect for driveways and pathways, especially in a home environment.

Architects in Warrington use brick as a pavement material often, and also encourages its use for those who are looking for a material that is safe, comes in various different colour options and offers a perfect aesthetic finish for your new build or renovation.


Tiles offer a bold choice for those who are looking for a more contemporary look in any outside area. Tiles also come in darker and bolder colours, perfect for a modern aesthetic to your garden, driveway or path.

However, tile tends to be more expensive than other materials, as the repair and maintenance costs tend to be higher than other materials like concrete and brick.


Limestone tends to be quite limiting in regard to colour options. Limestone is usually offered in 3 colours – grey-white, off-white and crimson white. If you’re looking for a paving material that offers a large range of different textures and colours, then limestone isn’t the best choice for you.

However, limestone creates a beautiful effect in the way that it’s very understated and calming, with soothing shades and simple shapes. This material can bring to life any space you place it in, making it perfect if you’re not too sure which material is best for the space.

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