What Exactly Do Architects Do?

What Exactly Do Architects Do?

Fairtech Contracting is your local architects in Warrington, we offer several different services such as civil engineering design and site work. If you have a plan for a property, we have got you covered.

When you hear the term architect, you may think of pencil drawings and blue prints of skyscrapers and Olympic stadiums.

The reality is however, architects are an important part of the design and build process of every property no matter what the scale or scope of it may be.

But what exactly does an architect do?

Fairtech Contracting are here to shed some light.

Schematic Design

Often referred to as the initial consultation or the building program and site analysis. Here the architect visits and analyses the building site and gathers information from the clients about their design ideas, budget, and needs from the property. Putting it all together, the architect comes up with the concepts and rough sketches showing the size, general layout, and appearance of the building and how it fits into the building site.

At this point in time, it is massively important that you communicate with your architect in Warrington as clearly as possible as this is where your dreams meet paper.

Design Development

Once the design provided by the architects in Warrington has been accepted by the client, this process is the difficult design process that involves floor plans, a roof design, and some of the interior and exterior trims and details that give a building style and character. This will usually include some scale drawings, a basic structural plan, and basic specifications for the main components of the building.

Construction Documents  

Here come the blueprints, the construction documents or the ‘specs’ are detailed documentation of all of the specifications within your home and should detail everything giving measurements and dimensions where required.

These specs are often required in order to obtain planning permission or a permit to undergo work so it is important if you are working with an architects in Warrington that you obtain them.

Bidding and Negotiation of Contracts

Architects will often help you attaint the workers that you require for the job. Whether it be construction workers, plumbers, electricians or any other form of worker- they should be helping you find the best workers for the job and for the best price.

We at Fairtech Contracting can actually supply site work for our clients, completely getting rid of the need for bidding and sourcing contract workers.

We always offer affordable and competitive rates for all the work that we take on.

Speak to Your Architects in Warrington Today

If you have a plan for a property or project that requires the input of an architects in Warrington, speak to Fairtech Contracting today.

We can help you design and build your dream property and for a fair price.

Our services cover architectural design, civil engineering design and site work- whatever your design or building need- we can help you.