What is a Sustainable Drainage System?

What is a Sustainable Drainage System?

Our architects in Warrington have been doing a deep dive into various drainage systems, and in today’s blog, we’ll be looking at sustainable drainage systems and the benefits they can provide. A sustainable drainage system (or SuDS) is a drainage system specially designed to reduce the impact of surface water drainage discharges and contribute to the sustainable development of the surrounding space.

A well-built SuDS will manage surface water quantity, water quality and biodiversity, and general amenity of the area. Overall, the goal with a SuDS is to keep surrounding areas pleasant and “liveable” while sustainably managing surface water.

The Basics of a Sustainable Drainage System

Planning and designing a sustainable drainage system is an intricate balance of a variety of factors. Your primary focus will be on managing runoff, using a mix of slow transportation, storage, and ground infiltration. However, architects in Warrington know that a proper SuDS will also have a filtration system for any pollutants present in the water.

Often overlooked, managing water flow speeds is an essential aspect of SuDS. Ensuring sediments have settled out of the water is critical and can help reduce the amount of filtration work your team has to implement.

The Difference Between SuDS and Traditional Drainage Systems

In traditional drainage systems, the focus has always been on transporting as quickly as possible away from our cities and towns. The discussion was centred around managing water quantity, with the water quality and amenity of the drainage system always taking a backseat.

With SuDS water quantity, water quality and general amenity of the drainage system are all given the same amount of importance. Rather than transporting water away as fast as possible, architects in Warrington are aware that the goal of a SuDS is to replicate a closely as possible the natural drainage functions of an environment before urban development.

The Sustainability Advantage of SuDS

SuDS were first conceived and implemented as urbanisation began to increase and create flooding problems due to pavement’s poor water infiltration qualities. SuDS manages runoff volumes and flow rates from hard surfaces to reduce the flooding of city sewage systems, protecting the natural flow regimes of already present drainage systems.

Skilled architects in Warrington will find opportunities to use runoff where it falls and reincorporate it within the environment or for other services. Using runoff effectively also helps prevent the improper dispersion and pollution of large amounts of water. This is to Ensure that whether water is re-used or dispersed back into the environment that it isn’t having a negative impact on the surrounding environment or community.

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Many people don’t realise that SuDS can bring a vast array of benefits to the environment and surrounding community while also providing long-term economic savings. Various comparative studies have shown that the inclusion of SuDS is cheaper than traditional drainage systems.

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