What Is Civil Engineering?

What Is Civil Engineering?

 Fairtech Contracting is an architects Wigan company that offers a wide range of design and construction services for both the public and private sector.

Civil Engineering Design is one of the core disciplines that Fairtech contracting offers along with site work and extension plans. But what exactly does civil engineering design mean and how could you or the area you live in benefit from it?

What Is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline there is. The focus of civil engineering lies within the built environment and can be traced as back to the first person to put a roof over their head or laid a tree trunk across a river in order to cross.

Civil engineering defines modern civilisation. Building, brides and other manmade landmarks and locations are all the intellectual property of civil engineers and architects Wigan.

Let’s take a look at some famous examples of civil engineering innovation.

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Shropshire’s Iron Bridge

 We decided to start with a traditional example of civil engineering. Amidst the 18th century Shropshire became a hub for industry in the form of local mines. The River Severn was a key route for trade but it also got in the way for traders and travellers.

The reason for this was around the Severn Gorge, it was very deep and difficult to cross.

Broseley Ironmaster John Wilkinson helped raise money for the project from local members of industry. Construction began in 1777 and Abraham Darby 111, a third generation ironmaster from the nearby town of Coalbrookedale oversaw the work.

This is an example of a local community identifying a shared, environmental problem and enlisting the help of civil engineering associated members of industry to solve the problem.

 In this case members of the community were effectively the architects Wigan. Even as far back the 18th century civil engineering was apparent and the bridge still stands today.

London 2012 Olympics/Paralympics

Possibly one of the most obvious and well known examples of contemporary civil engineering design. The London Olympics took a run down and deprived area of east London- Stratford and turned it into a 2.5 KM2 Olympic park with facilities including an athletics stadium, aquatics centre, velodrome and BMX track.

The Olympics project was deemed a ‘mega project’ that involved around 80,000 people just on construction alone.

The whole project took 2 years planning and designing, 4 years for building and 1 year for testing.  The Games collectively generated an estimated £14.2 billion in trade and investments for the UK economy between 2012 and 2014.

The London Olympics Park is a great example of modern civil engineering design as the process of it being designed by engineers and architects Wigan can easily be identified as well as the benefits it brought in the way of a successful games and economic boost.

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